Thumbs Up on LFD!

Wow, giving a plug for less well-known brand.  Just testing out my recently purchased used LFD NCSE Mk III integrated right now.  This is digital audio via Roon -> Bryston BDP-2 player -> Lampizator Golden Gate DAC -> LFD -> Harbeth 40.2.   

Clearly the best solid state components I have heard in my system.  Probably not as good as my ARC Reference preamp and amp combo, but very good in a compact solid state box.  Good sound stage, good separation, good resolution, "liquid" sound.  Is somewhat "hard" at moments, but clearly more musical and hifi sounding in my system than any other solid state gear I have tried, including First Watt F7, Luxman 509x, and Bryston 7B2 monos.  

Very simple, few-feature box (no remote), but sounds pretty darned good.  


Congrats I've been reading about LFD since the Sam Tellig Stereophile days but have never heard one. Good to hear it sounds as good as advertised.

I still have a LFD "Mistral" phono stage.  Very nice sounding.  Probably keep it forever. 

Years long LFD fan. Started with LE MK IV and Harbeth C7es3. Various upgrades to LE MK V, NCSE MK 1, NCSE MK 2, LE MKVI, NCSE 2+. 
I currently have two LFD/ Harbeth systems: SHL 5 40th Anniversary and M30.2 xd, both powered by NCSE MK2+.
In one of the systems I use a LFD DAC5se. All cabling is LFD: power, ic's, and speaker.

I find a great synergy between LFD and Harbeth. Very pleasing and musical.

Addicted? Well yea, but better LFD than LSD. 

Valinar, what is your opinion on the cabling?  It seems that Gene Rubin (maybe others...I don't clearly recall) are particuarly vocal that cabling matters with these devices.  I am a quasi-cable skeptic - I detect minor variations maybe so I just shoot for quality but not expensive cables (but then I have never really tried $$$$ cables).  I did order a pair of the LFD speaker cables as I got a good deal on demo pair and I figured those would matter the most.  For power, I want a longer run than the LFD offering, and I think power cable would matter least, so I ordered a Magic Cable from Signal Cable already.  Have not really thought about interconnects (though have a bias to not get new ones just to be LFD)

The LFD power cable clearly has the most effect on a LFD amp based system. I have purchased numerous items from Gene. Super guy and dealer.

I highly recommend you call him to buy a LFD Silicon Signature power cable. Gene has a money back satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't make your NCSE MK lll sound better you can send it back.I would be very surprised if you send it back. 
The cable has been designed to get the most out of LFD amps. It the world of high priced cables it is quite economical. I think around $550.

@valinar picking up this old thread.  I did pick up an LFD power cord a while back.  Cant say i heard a difference,  but I did not do focused testing either.  Probably should do that.  I did get my first power regenerator recently, and that definitely made a difference, so I am a believer there.