TIDAL Desktop Application or Chrome Browser?


Looking for opinions regarding the desktop application or Chrome browser as to which one you believe has higher SQ, or if you find them to be the same?

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I know these three letters are controversial, but if you want to listen in "Master" quality (MQA) I don't think Chrome supports that.  I use the desktop app.
I have used Tidal before, honestly I don't like it so much and I switch to Spotify within 1 month. I am just happy with Spotify. For more info, yu can learn the Tidal vs spotify. Hope this tips help you enjoy digital music service better. 
I use the desktop Tidal app and it works well. But if you want to play Tidal music outside Tidal, then you are required to convert the music to plain formats. Here you could try the tool Tidal Downloader Mac to help you. It can convert Tidal audio files to common audios and then you could use them on other devices.
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