Tidal/OPPO streaming issue

I have been streaming Tidal through my oppo 105 for about five years at this point. Last night when I went down stairs to listen to music I got a window pop up on my Ipad screen that said invalid login token. I have never seen this before and could not get logged in no matter what I tried. I have a pair of Bose powered speakers upstairs hook to my computer
 just for non critical audio and could log in and browse/listen no problem. So I know my account is active and paid. Anyone else experience this and if so what was the fix? This is how I listen 90% of the time and almost every night for at least an hour or two. My only hobby/relaxation really. Very frustrating!
Also maybe through in Ipad issue as well. I worded this every way I could think of in google and did not get any help. I have also emailed OPPO and Tidal with the problem, nothing from them yet either.
This is just a wild guess from a non-Tidal user: Does Tidal allow use of more than one device at a time? If not, are you sure your computer was logged out before you tried to log in on the iPad?
Switch to Qobuz. That's what I did over general dissatisfaction with Tidal. I feel Qobuz is a much more satisfying experience. 
My hardware(OPPO 105) does not support Qobuz or I would. Might be time to shop.
Had an email from OPPO, said the problem was fixed. It's not, same as yesterday. I'm looking at a Bluesound Node2i, Qobuz here I come. That will fix them. Any opinions on how well that combo works? Can't be any worse than OPPO/Tidal as that doesn't work at all.
I picked up a Oppo 203 thinking I could use it to stream with, but I have not figured out I can do that, no menus etc. the only thing I can find is what appears to be a place to show servers on the network, that maybe could select from and stream. 
mizike - I use a Bluesound Vault 2i (contains a Node 2i) running via optical into my OPPO UDP 205, which I use as preamp in my 2 channel video system. Speakers are the incomparable JBL 705P. Check them out. Bought mine from Sweetwater.
I think I will pull the trigger on Bluesound Node2i tomorrow. I have gotten so used to streaming that most of the music I have been listening to lately I do not own, I just rent.
Is the Oppo plug into a CAT 5 or are you using wireless? I am also thinking about buying a Bluesound Node, any thoughts? What other streamer is better for $500? thanks .


I am having the same issue. I read on another site it might be a licensing issue. I am not sure what I will do from here, I have a 103 and a 105.
One of my players is hard wired, the other is wireless. Both have the same issue. When two people are trying to use the same account in Tidal, it will pause one of them. This is a different issue.      
Me and my friend both have a Oppo 103 and have same problem. Can we expect this to solved or is the conclusion that Oppo is a dead end if you what to listen to Tidal? Really a shame and very disappointing 😕 Already looking at Audiolab 6000n but would prepare just to continue with my Oppo. 😩
Philip from Denmark
Just got a response from TIDAL support.

"I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your device log in!

We've investigated this issue and have found it's an integration issue with Oppo connecting to TIDAL.

We do advise connecting with the Oppo Customer Support team for how to proceed.

You can reach them here:


They will be able to help you through managing this issue.

If you have any further issues please let us know- I'd be happy to help!"

But there is no more changes from Oppo, right?
there is some current issue with Tidal, I think
Lately I have been having login and disconnect issues with Tidal and Nirvana. Audirvana always launches but sometimes I cannot see any Tidalstreams, only local resources. I can however login to Tidal app and stream. I and many users have launched this issue with Audirvana, hopefully they can fix it.
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i think it is an integration issue that is affecting more than Oppo owners...my issues have been about a week, maybe 2
Maybe too many users due to Corona lock down? If that were the issue you would think they would just say so. I think it's a pissing match between the two, OPPO/Tidal. Neither whats to take responsibility for the problem.
I had the same problem too.  A member from another forum suggested downloading a third party app "mconnect Player" which works on iPhone (I'm not sure whether there is any android verison), and using this app instead of the OPPO app to control streaming music via the OPPO player.

I downloaded the free Lite version and now I can use it to stream music from TIDAL through my OPPO 105.  It seems that in addition to TIDAL, you could also stream music from Qobuz as it is shown in the Browser of the app.
well, my issue is that I paid for Audirvana and I am actually sold on the sound quality..it delivers more heft, pace and timing as well as the pleasing frequency response...drives me nuts that Audirvana does not have direct support but the do answer issues in the Forum..
With mconnect player you are doing UPnP casting to Oppo. There are multiple otherways if that is what is desired. However, this is different from natively playing Tidal on Oppo. I too feel bad missing Tidal on Oppo. Logged a support ticket with Tidal, hoping for a resolution.  So also informed Oppo Technical support, fingers crossed.  I was informed while Oppo stopped manufacturing their players they had enough resources left to support customers especially technical problems for few more years.
Mconnect HD works. Stinks to have to use it but I was ready to buy a whole new player. It’ll suffice for now.
I got a response from Oppo technical support they are aware of the issue and working a fix.  Hopefully it is a short wait and we should be back to normal use soon.
Same problem on my Modwright modified Oppo BDP105. Hoping for a resolution soon!

Hi, everybody! I a OPPO 105 user and the same issue is happening with me since last thursday. I emailed OPPO and they told me the same. That they are working with Tidal to solve the problem. Let's wait.
Same problem here Oppo105 and sorry native streaming from the player is much better than any other way I’ve found. I hope they fix soon 😫. 
Hell-oooo GUYZ,

greetings from Slovakia...i am very sad about this situation....but I have found a solution...u can use mconnect lite app, which is available in appstore for ios, havent check for android plattform, but i guess it is there... just download it and it really works... just did it and i am happy now...
it also shows format, bit space, sampling frequency and a bit rate
Have exactly the same issue (been streaming tidal through oppo 105 for more than two years), same “invalid token” since last week. Mailed both oppo and tidal support, oppo has referred the problem to tidal - tidal response pathetic so far.  Tidal streams fine through the Tidal app both on my ipad and iphone plus charges go through so tidal accountis fine.  Very, very frustrating! Exploring auraliv or bluenote option but would prefer sticking to my one box oppo alternative.
@georgebenekos  I did what 2 others have suggested and downloaded the mconnect lite app which works fine, but it's "just different" and would prefer the oppo app back.

I stream Oobuz from  BubbleUPnP on my phone to my OPPO 105. . Works fine. I prefer Qubuz to Tidal which I used to have.
mconnect truly works .. thanx! I find the sound quality not as good as before ... from hifi to a boomier alternative :(
Audio resolution quality is much much better through OPPO native streaming. Hope Oppo and TIDAL fix it as soon as possible.
Playing in a high resolution stereo setup we can hear the difference. Dynamics, punch, controlled bass response and transparency are clearly better with native Oppo streaming.
I have no interest in listening to lesser sounding apps or work-arounds. 
I have gotten spoiled I guess. I just can't do it. I'm going to wait a few more days and then I will get Bluesound and call it quits trying to stream through OPPO. I was hoping for a fix before I had to buy something else.
Please, help me understand! I didn't think the app affected the sound quality whether Oppo MediaControl vs. mconnect lite. I thought the app only controls the song selection and the software in the Oppo player is responsible for receiving and decoding the Tidal input stream. (My BDP105 is directly connected to my router via Cat6 ethernet cable). Is this not correct? If not, how do I stream Tidal through Oppo native streaming without the MediaControl app?
@jonandfamily your question makes absolute sense; am completely unqualified to reply but I swear the sound is significantly better streaming through the oppo app (something to do with how mconnect streams the MQA files that the oppo can’t play? The oppo DACS? No clue whatsoever) 
Connection fixed!!! My OPPO is native streaming TIDAL through Media Control App! Thank God! The audio quality is undoubtedly superior from Chromecast or any other third party app. Happy 😊 Very happy!
My OPPO 105 has many MOD improvements, never had any problem and works fine in every aspect. I would be very disappointed if Tidal native streaming service stops. Hope OPPO continue giving this good support. 
I thought I was the only one. I was bummed and was in contact with Oppo, and tried everything under the sun to figure out the problem but gave up! I
borrowed a high dollar streamer that I thought I was going to buy, but it just did not sound as good. Bummed again!!!!
This morning I woke up and tried it again just for the hell of it and BOOM SHAKALAKA!!!
Sounds great again, thank you Lord!
i have been Shopping streamers, and May continue. But maybe not as I simply have no idea what it will take to better what a I have!?
Obviously there are better streamers out there but they're very very expensive. Aurender is one of them. The audio quality that OPPO native streaming delivers is very hard to bet without spending thousands of dollars. I'm really very happy that everything is working fine again.
I came home for lunch, and yes, all is good. I don't know what happened, but sure hope it does not happen again. YEA!!!
I don’t have a problem running Tidal through my Oppo 205 via Roon. Great sound. 🇦🇺