Tidal Streaming Issues

Is anyone else having issues with Tidal? I can stream 44.1-16 however anything higher and it buffers. It does it on Roon and Mconnect, Qobuz NO ISSUES. Download speeds are fine. Uninstalled and reinstalled, sent Tidal the App Log. Tidal support is useless! No problem taking my money every month! 4 years with Tidal, never an issue like this? Extremely frustrated, any suggestions will be appreciated...I'm located in the South East USA. Wondering if they are having server problems...John
Sorted the BS out. It was my internet satellite company. Viasat. They somehow had a data restrictor enabled. Its supposed to be disabled! Sad part I had to trouble shoot for them. Typical these days...
Funny because I had this exact same problem but with Qobuz. It came to a point it was no longer usable. When I switched to Tidal everything was perfect!