Tidal Streaming Issues

Is anyone else having issues with Tidal? I can stream 44.1-16 however anything higher and it buffers. It does it on Roon and Mconnect, Qobuz NO ISSUES. Download speeds are fine. Uninstalled and reinstalled, sent Tidal the App Log. Tidal support is useless! No problem taking my money every month! 4 years with Tidal, never an issue like this? Extremely frustrated, any suggestions will be appreciated...I'm located in the South East USA. Wondering if they are having server problems...John
I got the four month free trial. No issues at all during that time. But I didn’t think it was worth paying for. Tainted by MQA fraud and overpriced in today’s market.BubbleUPnP worked for me the best (easiest.)
That is probably the delay for Spotify, pricing, what to do????
Just stuck with Qobuz for now and build up your own library of outliers.
This is a PIMA!! It is now working with Mconnect but still buffers on Roon? WTF!! As mentioned I have had it over 4 years without issue? Library on Tidal much more substantial.
I agree Tidal support is useless, in fact totally useless. I'm going to drop it and just use Qobuz. I use it most of the time anyway. 
I've had good luck with Tidal.

In my part of the SE USA, the first thing I try to do with streaming issues of any kind is re-set my entire network, streamers, (including pc) switches, routers, and modems. I turn them all off (unplugging the modems/routers/switches), wait a full 20 seconds and turn them back on. I work from the modem first, letting it boot fully before turning and routers or switches back on. Once the routers and switches are up, I turn the streamers and pcs back on. 

This works for me. I do it as a maintenance step every few weeks. My home network is shared with some video gamers and 5 cell phone users with various smart devices and tablets coming and going. 

Tidal's customer service isn't immediate but they've always responded to my inquiries. It usually takes a few days, 
Just today, I was prompted to log in to Tidal for the first time in months but it works fine now. Still, unusual. 
I found about the same number "missing" on Tidal that is missing on Qobuz, just different stuff.
More of what I like is missing on Tidal. Neither one is anywhere near Spotify.

Sorted the BS out. It was my internet satellite company. Viasat. They somehow had a data restrictor enabled. Its supposed to be disabled! Sad part I had to trouble shoot for them. Typical these days...
Funny because I had this exact same problem but with Qobuz. It came to a point it was no longer usable. When I switched to Tidal everything was perfect!