Time to retire a retipped Linn Troika. Best replacement cartridge?

I've been using a retipped Linn Troika in a Ittok tonearm for awhile and it is getting a bit long in the tooth.  What are some suggestions for replacing it considering the age of the Ittok and LP12 which has been used sparingly for the past 20 years?  Many would suggest Lyra, any others?  It would likely be my last cartridge assuming nothing catastrophic happened to it.  I'd like to keep the cost under $2K.  My backup cartridge is a Shelter 501II but the Troika still sounds better.  Thanks for any suggestions.
I have recently owned a Lyra Kleos on a Linn table.  I also have a Ortofon Cadenza Blue on a few different tables.  Hands down, I fell the Cadenza is the better cartridge.  There may be other great options but I would be surprised if you are not happy with the Cadenza Blue.  
@verdantaudio Have you had an opportunity to compare the cadenza blue with the AT ART9XA? There have been some comments suggesting the latter is better and it is significantly less expensive than the C.B.