To all LP12 aficionados

Kandid cartridge or Radikal Drive?

Here's the starting point-

LP12 (1998 vintage), Lingo 2, Ekos 2, Arkiv B, Trampolin 1, Silver T cable, Kore subchasis

Wow- I guess I have little choice here! 

Just wondering- what can I get for my Lingo? 
Not sure, but you can listen to Radikal on YouTube, under Pasinee.  Be a little careful, because he uses other Linns and things like a different top-plate(Khan?).  Newer Radikals already have Dynamik now.
I've heard a Linn LP12 with a Radikal. Actually, it was fully decked out- keel, Radikal, Ekos SE and Kandid. Problem was it was impossible to tell the contribution the Radikal itself made