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I have found that postings music is a good way to listen to all the music in your collection.  I have neglected the ultimate source of much of the music I post.  This tread corrects that oversight.  All Blues post are welcome.  I will concentrate on the Delta.
Johnny Adams


Rounder 1988

Johnny Adams(vocals), Walter "Wolfman" Washington(guitar), Duke Robillard(guitar), Mac Rubennack(Dr. John) (keyboards)  et al.

Adams is out of New Orleans, but, he was first on the shelf.

Room With A View

Not Trustworthy (A Lyin' Woman)

How Wrong Can A Good Man Be

Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The One To Say Goodbye)

David Johansen & The Harry Smiths.  Amazing good recording and wonderful blues.
Two essentials for me. One is Elmore James "Sunnyland" (not to be confused with a song by the same name earlier recorded by James). This one is dirty, distorted and has an edge that hard rock guitars wished to emulate.
The other is the Buddy Guy rendition of "First Time I Met the Blues" in the documentary entitled Chicago Blues directed by Harley Cokliss and variously shown as 1972 or in some cases, 1970. The performance by Mr. Guy is stinging and bitter, and you get the cigarette smoke and sweat of the club in the visual if you see the film. (The later recordings by Guy just don’t seem to have the same mojo).
T-Bone Walker drew a template that is followed today. His earlier recordings did not necessarily reflect the entire stage show, with big band, and guitarist gymnastics, that was once part of his act.
Blues is hard for a reason. To communicate the darkness of a soul on fire, the performer must emote on a level that grabs and holds the audience. This is even more difficult when listening to a recording, at a big remove from the actual performance.
Blues played by rote is no fun; I’d rather Lawrence Welk. But when it gets you, there’s nothing more satisfying.
This being an Audiophile site, I have to mention the legendary Muddy Waters' album Folk Singer. Originally on Chess Records, later reissued by Mobile Fidelity, then Classic Records, and currently Analogue Productions. Great acoustic Folk Blues music (with Buddy Guy on electric guitar) in great "you are there" sound quality.

Another is Charlie Musselwhite's Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough, a direct-to-disc LP on Crystal Clear Records. If you have never heard a d-2-d LP, prepare to be stunned!

Another is the many albums Doug MacLeod has done for Audioquest Music, the first of which (I believe ) is entitled Come To Find, with Charlie Musselwhite blowin' harp.

A few by Albert King: Born Under A Bad Sign. Original LP on Stax Records, reissued by Sundazed. Then there is Blues For Elvis, which is Albert doing songs associated with Presley. Produced by the great Booker T & The MG's rhythm section of drummer Al Jackson, Jr. and bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn. Original LP on Stax Records, reissue (under the title King, Does The King's Things) by Vinyl Me Please. Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound, pressed on 180 gram vinyl (oh, the horror ;-) at QRP. 

Perhaps more old school R & B than strictly Blues is Rhythm, Blues, Soul & Grooves by Bobby KIng and Terry Evans, the great duo whose singing talents are often used by Ry Cooder. Ry appears on this Rounder Records album, as does the great Spooner Oldham, member of Muscle Shoals' legendary studio band The Swampers. Spooner is also heard on Neil Young's Harvest album. Fantastic!
Luther Allison


Alligator Records  1995

"Luther Allison was an American blues guitarist. He was born in Widener, Arkansas, although some accounts suggest his actual place of birth was Mayflower, Arkansas."--   Wiki

Hey, it's the world of The Blues.   At least he died in one place.

What Have I Done Wrong?

All The King's Horses

Should I wait

Cherry Red Wine


Ernestine Anderson


Anderson(vocals), Brown(bass), Harris(piano), Holloway(Tenor sax), King(drums)
Concord Jazz  1985

Notes: "What we have here is proof--for proof was never needed--but a soulful reminder that among her many gifts, Ernestine Anderson has more that a mere penchant for the blues.  She has a deep-down, abiding love for it--which is precisely the feeling I have about this album."  Leonard Feather

Goin' to Chicago Blues

In the Evening when the Sun goes Down

Down Home Blues Blues

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy


Black Ace


Arhoolie    1961 / 1992

Notes: "Black Ace (B.K. Turner) was a great Texas Blues Singer and one of the few exponents of the flat Hawaiian guitar blues style to have been recorded.  This CD contains almost his entire recorded legacy."

Whiskey and Women

I am The Black Ace

Evil Woman Blues

No Good Woman


Bobby Bland


Duke / MCA   1994

Notes: Welcome to the golden age of the ageless Bobby "Blue" Bland.  Long an icon in blues and proto-soul circles, the man really hit his stride in the early 1960's when, as a thirty-something veteran of the Memphis scene, he forged a new frontier for the full-throated, mostly mid-tempo stylings.  To this day, it's a sound that sets the standard for emotive vocal music.  In a field dominated by pimply teens and rubber-legged showoffs, the mature confidence exuded by Bobby is refreshing in itself."

LOL.   Let the culture war begin.

Turn On Your Love Light

Stormy Monday Blues

Saint James Infirmary

Yield Not To Temptation

Ain't That lovin' you

Anson Funderburgh "Talk to You by Hand"
1981/Black Top Records

Absolutely wonderful.
Nice.   Speaking of Harmonica, you can't have too much harmonica in the Blues.

Heritage Blues Orchestra:   Catfish Blues


If you aren't adverse to CD's, try to find a copy of Up The Line by The Gary Smith Blues Band. Gary is very well known in the San Francisco Bay Area Blues scene, and has the best harp tone I've ever heard, bar none. His mentor was Charlie Mussellwhite, and Gary's role model is The Master---Little Walter. Gary is the first harp player I played with, way back in 1969! He had just switched from drums, so we had that in common. 

Gary's Facebook posts are usually about the latest tubes he has tried in his tube amps. He is VERY serious about the tone he creates, the mark of a superior musician (along with phrasing, and musicality).

The album also features great musical accompaniment from the best Blues players in the Bay Area (known locally as the Blues Mafia ;-). I've seen and heard him and they live, and if you live in the area, so should you.
Zuzu Bollin


A cast of thousands, including Duke Robillard and David "Fathead" Newman.
Antones Records & Tapes   1991

Notes: "An important chapter of Zuzu Bollin's history must be written in Austin.  After hearing Zuzu in Dallas one night in 1988 Clifford Antone, owner of Antones's nightclub, befriended him and invited him to begin performing at his club....Antone made plans to record him, and you can hear the results on this record.  Zuzu's story has a bittersweet ending.  He died in 1990.  That Zuzu did not live to complete the Antone's sessions is a great loss to us all, but thankfully we still have these wonderful recordings.  Fans of Texas Blues owe a debt of gratitude to Chuck Nevitt and Clifford Antone for caring enough to capture Zuzu just the way he would have liked: Texas Style."

ANTONES is / was a well known blues club in Austin, Texas.  He also owns / owned a record store that sold / sells blues CDs, LPs, Tapes and associated stuff.  I spent many a dollar there.  My routine was, Waterloo records, then walk a block to Tower Records, then walk a block to Antone's Blues record store.  Those were the days.

Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night

Zuzu Bollin ‎– Zu's Blues


Kidney Stew

Blues in the Dark

James Booker


Rounder Records   1993

Notes: "For Booker fans, then, this album and its companion (Spiders on the Keys, Rounder 2119) are cause for celebration.  Here is James Booker as his New Orleans fans knew him--passionate and dazzling; alternately extroverted or painfully lost in his own world.  For if James Carroll Booker lll was one of the greatest pianists of the century, he was also plagued by what many of his friends considered to be mental illness, and by a lifelong battle with drugs and alcohol (a problem Booker traced to his prescription after being hit by an ambulance when he was a boy)."

Real New Orleans music.  You can hear the wooden floors.

Medley: Slow Down / Bony Maronie / Knock On Wood / I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Medley: Tico Tico / Papa Was A Rascal (Live At The Maple Leaf Bar, New Orleans, LA / 1977-1982)

St. James Infirmary (Live At The Maple Leaf Bar, New Orleans, LA / 1977-1982)

Medley: Life / Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee / It Should Have Been Me (Live At The Maple Leaf Bar, New...

Grew up w Clarence brown, buddy guy, Johnny winter, many many rare blues LPs’ from parents record collection.

   Love blues,....blues strayed it all, no blues, no rock, no metal, it all stems from southern blues, Midwest blues, etc. !!
Eddie Boyd


Boyd(piano, organ, vocals), Buddy Guy(guitar), Jimmy Robinson(bass), Fred Below(drums), Big Mama Thornton(vocal, Hound Dog)
Evidence  1994

Notes: "Eddie Boyd was born November 25, 1914 in Coahoma County, Mississippi and spent his childhood on the fabled Stovall's plantation in the heart of the Delta.... Boyd discovered his musical salvation when he journeyed overseas to co-headline the 1965 American Folk Blues Festival.  During the historic European tour(produced by German promoters Horst Lippmann and fritz Raul), Boyd recorded the impressive contents of this disc in Hamburg and London, backed by three of the finest Chicago sidemen available.  Fleet-fingered guitarist Buddy Guy, versatile bassist Jimmie lee Robinson, and crackling drummer Fred Below offer superb support as Boyd convincingly rolls through a virtual greatest hits program."

Five Long Years

Eddie's Blues

I'm coming home

Blue Monday Blues

Hound Dog

My recent record show purchase...
Check out....
Steve Miller Band "Rock Love"

song..."Blues With Out Blame"
Charles Brown


Rounder / Bullseye Blues 1990

Notes: "Malcolm Rebennack (A.K.A. Dr. John), who does a duet with Charles on this record and lays down some ’tipico’ New Orleans organ and piano, is a longtime admirer. Back in 1972 he told me, "Charles is like Ben Webster on the tenor -- they both got air to spare."
born: September 13, 1922, Texas city, TX
died: January 21, 1999,    Oakland, CA

A Virus Called The Blues (as if covid is not enough)

Early in the Morning

Bad Bad Whiskey

Trouble Blues


Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - Alone and Acoustic
This is going to be an excellent thread!
By the way: In early-67 (I think it was), a band I hadn't heard of came to play at The Continental in Santa Clara (a converted roller rink, complete with horrible acoustics) just off Highway 101. They were named The Steve Miller Blues Band, and had a rhythm guitar player who did no singing named Boz Scaggs. Their debut album hadn't yet been released.
Charles Brown


EMI Blues Series / Aladdin   1992

Driftin' Blues

Get Yourself Another Fool

In the Evening when the Sun goes Down

Seven Long Days


Playing my newly acquired
John Lee Hooker"The Country Blues of..."
Craft Recordings From the original stereo master’s  Kevin Grey 60th Anniversary
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown


Gitanes Blues Productions   1997

He always said, "I was born in Louisiana and raised on the Texas side." 

Wiki: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown was an American musician from Louisiana and Texas known for his work as a blues musician, as well as other styles of music. He spent his career fighting purism by synthesizing old blues, country, jazz, Cajun music and R&B styles. 
Born: April 18, 1924, Vinton, LA      Died: September 10, 2005, Orange, TX


Midnite Hour

Toughen Up

Take me back baby

Bits and Pieces


Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown


Alligator Records    1989

No notes to speak of, just a foldout with track info.  I think the album title refers to his playing and defending his style of Blues.  I put him in a class by himself.

She walks right in

Born in Louisiana

Cool Jazz

Got my Mojo Working

I Hate these Doggone Blues


Hey rok, when I saw this thread listed in the "suggested" list on the right side of my screen, I figured "Oh no, here's another source of fantastic music I've been unaware of." Very happy to see you just started this one and there are only 28 posts.  Easier to stay current with than JFA.  Thanks!

For me, this may still the most amazing blues performance ever.  100% Delta.  Sheer passion, abandon, unbridled emotion:

Son House "Death Letter Blues" (live in Europe about 60 years ago)


Son House - Death Letter Blues

Very Poignant Lyrics.  He didn't receive a phone call, he didn't get in his car or board a bus.  He got a letter and took off down the road.  Speaks volumes about how some people lived.

Solomon Burke


Black Top Records   1993

Solomon Vincent McDonald Burke was an American preacher and singer who shaped the sound of rhythm and blues as one of the founding fathers of soul music in the 1960s.  -- wiki

Great Soul Singer, just talks too much.  I guess that's the Preacher in him.

Along About Midnight

Good Rockin' Tonight

Solomon Burke


Black Top Records  1994

with / Souls Alive Orchestra

No More Nights By Myself

Ain't Nobody's Business

Medley: If You Need Me, Tonight's The Night, I Almost Lost My Mind

Good Rockin' Tonight


John Cephas & Phil Wiggins


Flying Fish Records   1989

Notes: "For more than a dozen years, Bowling Green John Cephas and Harmonica Phil Wiggins have been performing, preaching and teaching a brand of traditional music known as Piedmont Blues.  Geographically, the Piedmont stretches from Richmond to Atlanta.  Musically, it refers to a recognizable regional sound, a combination of repertoire and instrumental approaches shared among Black musicians in the Southeast."

Guitar Man


Careless Love

Richmond Blues

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham


Concord Jazz  1985

Notes: "Jimmy Cheatham is responsible for the routines and highly effective arrangements heard here.  Born in Birmingham and raised in Buffalo, he is accustomed to an organizational role of this kind with other professionals and at the University of California, San Diego, where he is in charge of the University's Jazz program."

Ain't Nobody's Business

Brand News Blues Blues

Muddy Water Blues

Meet Me with Your Black Drawers On


Clifton Chenier


Arhoolie  1975 / 1990

Notes: "The reviews of this recording were very favorable and Rolling Stone Record Guide gave the original release a five star rating:  "Indispensable: a record that must be included in any comprehensive collection."

One Step at a Time

Ma Mama Ma Dit (My Mama Told Me)

Bogalusa Boogie

Je Me Reveiller Le Matin (I Woke Up This Morning)

Clifton Chenier


Arhoolie    1990

Notes: "Since these recordings were first released, Zydeco music has undergone many changes.  Like all black popular musics, this regional variation has changed and evolved, yet to a remarkable degree, has continued to serve as a very popular dance music, and like its white counterpart, Cajun music, has continued to utilize older and traditional tunes and songs."

Bon Ton Roulet

French Town Waltz

Let's Talk It Over

Things Ain't Like They Used to Be


William Clarke


Alligator  1994

Notes: "Slashing fat-toned harmonica...he welds Chicago Blues passion to West Coast swing, emerging with a sound of his own.  Clarke is convincing in a way few newcomer's to the Blues bigtime are." -- Living Blues

The Complainer's Boogie Woogie

Saturday Night Blues

A Good Girl Is Hard To Find

Chicago Blues

Otis Clay


Bullseye  1992

Notes: "Otis Clay is very simply one of the premier deep soul singers working today.  Robert Cray will readily admit, "I went to school on that guy" and along with O.V. Wright and Syl Johnson, Clay put in some of the most gospel and Blues-based soul efforts of the early seventies.  While Otis also had hits in the soul heyday of the sixties, he is even better today.  His gospel fire drives his energetic blend of R&B, Soul and Blues to ecstatic heights."

I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight

Thanks a Lot

Leave Me and my Woman Alone

Love Bone

Albert Collins


Alligator Records  1986

"Albert Gene Drewery, known as Albert Collins and the Ice Man , was an American electric blues guitarist and singer with a distinctive guitar style. He was noted for his powerful playing and his use of altered tunings and a capo. His long association with the Fender Telecaster led to the title "The Master of the Telecaster".  Wiki
Born: October 1, 1932, Leona, TX    Died: November 24, 1993, Las Vegas, NV

I Ain't Drunk

Too Many Dirty Dishes

Bending Like A Willow Tree

A Good Fool Is Hard To Find

Lights Are On But Nobody's Home


Johnny Copeland


Verve - Gitanes    1993

John Clyde Copeland was an American Texas blues guitarist and singer. In 1983, he was named Blues Entertainer of the Year by the Blues Foundation. He is the father of blues singer Shemekia Copeland. In 2017, Copeland was posthumously inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. Wikipedia

Born: March 27, 1937, Haynesville, LA       Died: July 3, 1997, New York, NY

Catch Up with the Blues

Making a Fool of Myself

Cold, Cold Winter

Rolling with the Punches

Johnny  Copeland


Rounder Records  1986

Notes:  "Johnny Copeland moves people in Mobile and he moves people in Manhattan.  He has won the American Blues Foundation's W.C. Handy Award as Entertainer of the year, and copped Europe's Grand Prix du Disque de Montreux for Blues, Soul and Gospel.  Whether he is in Oakland or Osaka, West Africa or West Memphis, Copenhagen or Corpus Christi, Johnny's Blues are a universal language."

I De Go Now

Everybody Wants A Piece of Me

It's My Own Tears

Honky Tonkin'

James Cotton


Antone's records & Tapes   1988

Notes: "Tunica, Mississippi sits about halfway between Helena, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee.  During the Great depression, when James Cotton was growing up there, all three were 'ballin' towns' and regular stops for the Blues legends on their way north out of the Delta.  By the time he was school age, James was dancing for tips on street corners in Tunica, on his way through Helena and Memphis to Chicago and international renown."

Born: July 1, 1935, Tunica, MS
Died: March 16, 2017, St. David's Medical Center, Austin, TX

Blow Wind Blow

Eyesight to the Blind

Midnight Creeper

Hoochie Coochie Man

Clifford Curry


Appaloosa  1993

Notes: "Clifford Curry is truely a living legend.  Walking, talking Rhythm & Blues history.  For nearly forty years he has been a mainstay in the Southern music scene.  From the chitlin circuit of the 50's and 60's to the big ballrooms of the Carolina coast in the 70's and 80's.  Recently he has been playing the oldies revival shows as one third of "The Legends" with his old friends Archie Bell and Maurice Williams.  This album represents a return to Clifford's roots and a new page in his career."
Born: November 3, 1936, Knoxville, TN
Died: September 7, 2016, University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN

The Provider

Helpless and Homeless

Bit By A Rattlesnake

Soldier in the Army of Love

Jimmy Dawkins


Earwig Music Company   1991

Notes: "There are no Jimmy Dawkins imitators.  The man's guitar playing is relentless and intense, combining piercing sustain and staccato attack with a phrasing unique to him.  Not only is he one of America's great Blues guitarists, no one else even sounds much like him."

James Henry “Jimmy” Dawkins was an American Chicago blues and electric blues guitarist and singer. He is generally considered to have been a practitioner of the "West Side sound" of Chicago blues. Wikipedia
Born: October 24, 1936 Tchula, MS
Died: April 10, 2013, Chicago, IL

Kant Sheck Dees Bluze

Made The Hard Way

I Ain't Got It


Floyd Dixon


Alligator Records  1996

Notes: "A musical genius excelling at vibrant and exuberant jump Blues, rockin' piano boogie and sophisticated West Coast Blues...impeccable piano technique, fabulous timing, and a voice like a fog horn." --- Living Blues
February 8, 1929, Marshall, TX
Died: July 26, 2006, Orange County, CA

Wake Up and Live

Hey, Bartender

you know that'll get it

I wanna Rock Now

Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets
featuring - Sam Myers


Black Top Records 1989

Notes: "Anson was born in Plano, Texas, in 1955, and grew up hearing Blues records at an early age. By the time Anson was sixteen years old he was playing professionally and recording with the regionally popular group known as the Bees Knees."
"Sam Myers hails from Jackson, Mississippi, where he began his professional career in the mid-fifties. Sam got a double dose of Blues from his earliest years as a musician when he spent most of his time in the musically fertile Mississippi Delta but spent summers on the Chicago Blues Scene."

Are You Out There

Rack ’em Up

Tell Me What I Have Done Wrong

20 Miles


Buddy Guy


JSP   1981

Notes: "When this was recorded Buddy was neither the young lion as he was in the sixties or the elder statesman figure he is today-- just the toughest and best Blues guitarist around.  This is a seminal recording session from a master."

DJ Play My Blues

The Garbage Man Blues

She Suits Me To A T

Blues At My Baby's House

Dedication To The Late T-Bone Walker


Buddy Guy


Silvertone Records   1991

with / Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Neil Hubbard, John Porter and Buddy Guy on Guitar.   The Memphis Horns.

Where is the next one coming from

Damn right, I've got the Blues

There is Something on your Mind

Five Long Years