Today’s Friday five from TMR

Check out today’s Friday five at TMR if you have access to it. They make a MOCKERY of our hobby.

I cried it was so bad. 


I found it humorous, in fact I emailed them back that I was a buyer for 19 of each

of course my April fools was a day early, as was theirs

 Here ya go!


As the HiFi industry continues to evolve, it is imperative that we keep up with the trends. That is why The Music Room is expanding its horizons into some new and cutting-edge products for our very special customers. It is our passion to seek far and wide for the absolute best HiFi products available anywhere.


Please take a moment to peruse a selection of five of the brand new HiFi components and accessories for sale.



baking tray

Ultra Fine Grade 1, 99.9999% Pure Oxygen Free Copper HiFi Baking Tray for Class-A Amplifiers


MSRP: $499


We can all agree that the only thing that can improve a late-night listening session is the smell of fresh baked cookies. Or perhaps you need to reheat your dinner that was left on the table while you sorted through your new records? That is where the Ultra Fine Grade 1, 99.9999% Pure Oxygen Free Copper HiFi Baking Tray comes in.


This high-end audiophile-grade baking sheet is designed from the finest quality copper on the planet. Specially designed and customizable for your equipment, the HiFi Baking Tray is guaranteed to evenly distribute heat across the surface to ensure the best quality results.




AudioQuest JitterSlug USB Noise Enhancing Filter


MSRP: $199


Sometimes when on your Audiophile journey you find yourself with a system that is just a little too resolving. When clarity gets to be a little bit too much, you have to do something about it. The AudioQuest JitterSlug USB Noise Enhancing Filter is just the ticket.


JitterSlug contains a specially designed circuit to add slew and create minor timing errors with femtosecond accuracy. Combined with a high-end DAC, you’ll be able to recreate any situation you desire, with presets like “damaged TOSLINK” and “scratched CD” you’ll also be able to add in irrecoverable Block level errors as well.




Ton Träeger Outdoor Wireless HiFi System / Pellet Smoker Combo


MSRP: $14,999-$19,999


The long-awaited collaboration of German high-end audio furniture maker Ton Träger and American Grill company Traeger is here just in time for summer. Enjoy beautiful 3-channel audio from the lid-mounted center channel speaker along with two wireless outdoor rock speakers for a HiFi experience like none other.


The Ton Träeger Outdoor Wireless HiFi System / Pellet Smoker Combo is just what every audiophile needs this summer. An optional specialized underground subwoofer can be added for only $5,000 more.




The Music Room CBD Cable Treatment Service

MSRP: $420 / foot

Starting this Monday, The Music Room is launching our first-ever cable treatment service. Simply send us your cables and we will treat them using 100% pure Colorado-made CBD Isolate. Through extensive research and development, we have created a specially formulated serum using only the highest quality CBD oil.


After hundreds and hundreds of hours of transmitting signals, your cables can become riddled with stress and anxiety. Give them the break they deserve and within only 4-16 business weeks you will have your cables back more relaxed and musical than ever.




TMR Audiophile Ultra-Low Distortion Ear Horn


MSRP: $1,650


Everyone knows that horn speakers are able to produce some of the best sound out there, but did you know that it also works in reverse? The TMR Audiophile Ultra-Low Distortion Ear Horn was reverse-engineered from some of the best horn speakers across the industry to transform your everyday sound into high-fidelity harmony, no matter the source. This one-of-a-kind product is capable of extreme input levels with ultra-low distortion and astonishing dynamic range.


Not only does it amplify sound, but also it clarifies sound and funnels it straight to the ear delivering an up close and personal soundstage every time.


Happy early April 1st from The Music Room

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