Tonearm issue

JA Michell turntable with Tecnoarm working perfectly last night when the left channel went out. After determining that the issue was not in phono stage, amps, or preamp, I narrowed it down to the left side (blue and white) wiring in the tonearm (or the left side RCA plug).  Rather than purchasing an entirely new tonearm, I figure best option is to replace either the wiring, RCA plug, or both. Has anyone done this on a Tecnoarm?  Is it difficult?  YouTube video and Google searches didn’t turn up much. 


That would be like attacking a mosquito with a shotgun. You may accidentally kill the mosquito but you’re also likely to do other damage. If you really think you’ve isolated the two possible causes, which we cannot be sure because you haven’t told us how you eliminated all those other possibilities, then I suggest you concentrate your attention on the white/blue leads and the RCA plug. Can you think of any reason why either may have gone open circuit? One place where tonearm wiring sometimes fails is at the pivot, where the 4 tiny wires have to make a right angle turn. Long term use of the tonearm can wear out the insulation at that acute bend.

OP, I had the same issue w/ my Technoarm, left channel would go out intermittently. The tonearm cable was frayed at the RCA connector, apparently this is not an uncommon problem w/ the Technoarm.

I upgraded to a SME M2 9R, however, I do intend to get the Technoarm fixed eventually. When I do, I’ll send it out to a professional to rewire.

Putting new RCAs on is relatively easy. Canare makes great RCAs with a built in strain relief so this does not happen.

Dear @mountainpics  : The white/blue wires that lewm posted are for the left channel and the only thing you have to check is,  with a multimeter , for continuity between the the tonearm left wires at its input with the left channel at tonearm outputs and if you have the signal/sound of continuity then are not the tonearm internal wires in that leaft channel.


You need to check that.


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