Top ten tube amps

What is your list of top ten tube amps?
More votes here for Atma-Sphere and Joule Electra.
Jadis, Audio Note, VAC and Air Tight for Push-Pull designs.
Although I haven't seriously auditioned enough of the top SET designs, one that's impressed me is the Dehavilland. Cheers,
I agree with Ozzy62,I own a Music Reference RM 9 mk 1 and it is among one of the best I have ever heard or owned.I have heard mant tube and solid state amps,but still love the Music Reference RM-9.
a survey such as this is very difficult only because it's too open ended, and subject to personal favorites, vs. test data...that being said some obvious choices are:

1) Zanden 9000 series 300B's
2) Tube Research Labs GT 400 & 800 series
3) Convergent Audio Technology JL-2 Signature
4) Kondo Ongaku w/KSL technology
5) Shindo Labs
6) Wavac HE-833's MKII
7) Lamm ML2
8) Tenor 300 Hp
9) Jadis JA 80's
10) SAP (Strumenti Acustici di Precisione) New Anniversary

Lord knows I've only scratched the surface?
i.e. FM Acoustics, Nagra, VAC, Joule, and so on.
1. Lamm ML2
2. Lamm ML 2.1
3. Art Audio PX25
4. Audiopax SE 88
5. and special budget honorees...Yamamato A-08S and Wright WPA 3.5
I can already see red in this thread.

Might i back up my choices of having audio note and blue circle at the top of the list by describing the sound of a few of the other amps in my list which are lower down but none the less good. Jadis is very musical but some colouration takes a way from the whole picture (JA80's). Canary CA339, refined good at most things but not particularly musical or emotionally involving as my top two. Music reference fast and a little lean tonally, again not quite making that step into musciality, but excellent in all other areas. I could go on, but the reason behind my top selections is because of the emotional connection as well as the hifi aspects. I think if people are going to make recommendations then a word or two about each one might also be helpful. There will be those who simply enjoy their equimwnt becasue of their ability to recreate good soundstaging or deatil, while others will be happy with the whole musical picture of the event that is taking place. I do not mean Naim route where pace and rhythm are taken to an extreme at the cost of all else, to the point where you can be left exasperated by their energy.