Total streaming noob question

So I have been playing with the Emotiva CD player for the last week. In addition to being a fine CD transport, it can act as a DAC. The unit has Coaxial and Toslink connections in back of the unit.

I want to take my ample Apple playlist from my MacBook Pro and stream these through the Emotiva. Bought a Mini TOSLINK Optical Digital Audio Cable. Connected the appropriate ends to the digital input of the Emotiva and the mini-rca plug of the MacBook. Selected the appropriate input then launched the iTunes pm the MBP. Total silence. Checked the cables. Checked the volume of the MBP. Checked that the iTunes was indeed playing a mp4/wav file. Checked the make sure I was using the appropriate input signal on the Emotiva. Still nothing.

Am I assuming to simplistic of a solution? I would like to upload/stream music from various digital sources through a dedicated linux desktop, providing I can get this to work from the MBP.

Thank you
With iTunes playing something, pull the optical cable from the Emotiva.  Do you see red light streaming from the end of the fiber?
Bluesound Node2i uses the same type of input , optical to a minijack adapter.
You didn't mention if you checked to make sure the MBP was pointing to your output.
As djones51 mentioned, on your Macbook go to System Preferences under the Apple icon at the top left of the menu bar. Click on 'Sound' and choose 'Digital Out' if it's not already chosen.
@erik_squires - it is a mini-jack. Sorry for the misdirection.

@djones51/@sfar -  checked the Sound settings and the only setting is Internal speakers.

@bryhifi - no light can be seen from the cable.

with this being said, the mbp may not support this feature. Even with my ipad i was unable to get output to the headphone jack to the DAC.

iPads don't have optical output.
Not all MacBook Pros have optical output or support it.  This has been a bit of an issue with Mac over the years.  Sounds like yours does not have it or the support for it has stopped.
If your MBP is newer and turns out not to have spdif output - something inexpensive like this can get you up and running into your Emotiva via MBP and iTunes .
@bryhifi - thanks for the suggestion on the LINKFOR. I may need to do this ultimately with my debian media server.