Totems without Claws?

I'm very interested in a pair of Totem Forests or Hawks. My wife thinks that they look fine except for the claws. The claws become a showstopper for the aesthetics in our living room.

Are Hawks or Forests stable without using the claws? Would I need to mount them onto a larger plinth to make them stable?

Anyone with experience on this? I'd appreciate any input.

Unfortunately, I live several hours from any dealer.

I had your same problem. I own Hawks and have used them with and without claws - with a fair amount of lead shot in the base, there is little difference.

However, the chrome claws were going to be a showstopper for me too but my dealer called Totem and they actually have a nice looking black claw that you can buy - I bought them and use them and they look great versus the ugly chrome ones. Give them a call.
Thanks for the input guys.

Now I simply need to decide whether to go for the Totems or a set of Thiels.


Lots of really good speakers in this price range other than Totems and Thiels too. I auditioned a bunch and had a hard time deciding. Totem, Thiel, Vandy, Revel, Von Schweikert, Dali, Proac, Vienna, PMC, etc. The best of the bunch I think by far are the Gallo Reference - alas they did not come close to meeting the wife acceptance factor. I settled for the Hawks and have since added a pair of inconspicuous subs to fill out the sound.

Good luck.