Touch up paint for Preamplifier ?

Does anybody have a suggestion for a paint color (and source) that comes close to the color of the stock metal that almost every black Amplifier and Preamplifier case is made out of in the 1908s-today ?

I’m looking at creating a custom stainless steel "open cover" for my tube preamp that will provide more ventilation and would like to paint it in a color that would closely match the rest of the OEM case.

Unfortunately, I can’t really make the open cover out of the stock metal used in most preamp/amp cases so it is going to have to be painted to match.

I’m hoping that some company makes a paint that would be used to cosmetically touch up preamp/amps that have been scratched or damaged.... but so far I’ve struck out in finding something like that.

It happens to be a BAT preamp, but the same metal used in the BAT preamp case appears to be very similar to metal used Mcintosh, Denon, Marantz, Yahama, and almost every other brand.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated !


If you really want a cool solution other than painting it BBQ flat black, have a look at  Cerakote. Comes in hundreds or colours and is mainly used for firearms and rock solid. You can apply it yourself or send it off to a recognised agent. Not expensive and looks fantastic.

Thanks !   

Yeah, I really wanted to avoid just a stock black for bbqs and that kind of stuff .... I looked at a few already and they just don't come close to the stock aluminum case color.

I'll definitely check out Cerakote !   Any suggestion which color I should try ?

Satin or semigloss spray paint. Spray in small container and let it set up to get thick then use a very small brush to touch up.

Take the existing cover to any paint store and they can computer match the color.