black touchup paint?

Isn't the black finish on most black audio equipment anodized, thus hard to match with paint? The shade varies by manufacturer, no doubt. Experimenting, I tried a Marks-a-Lot, too shiny (and tending toward purple, really). Wouldn't mind trying a spray, but small touch-ups are really the thrust of this question. Has anyone found a good solution? A dedicated "touch up marker" for audio gear would be mighty nice, if it were possible. Nothing would look exactly like new, but an improvement over a glaring scratch on the handle of my amp would be welcome.
I've used a black Sharpie permanent marker for effective touch-up of black metal cases. Front panels are usually trickier, but if you match color and texture very carefully beforehand, you should be able to find something that works OK in your local Home Depot, if you are very careful.

And no, like volume knobs, some brands of touch-up paint do not sound better than others, thank God!
Check your automotive supplier. The best one I found I think is called "No-Mar" or something like that. It seams to match well with most semi-gloss to flat black finishes. It comes in a spray can however so I don't know how handy this will be.
Go to your local hobby shop, and pick up some Testors Flat Black enamel in the small bottle(#1149). Apply sparingly, with the tip of a toothpick. That should provide you with a lifetime of touch-ups. Totally non-resonant in the audio bandpass. =8^)
I think I got a good product suggestion for your question.
Check for their Aluminum black metal finish # 15132 PAB-QT or their Super black touch-ups pens
#15101 BPP(Gloss) or #15102 BPPF(Flat).I got some scratches on some gear I bought used.