Townshend Seismic Bars vs Podium

The Townshend Seismic Podium has been getting a lot of praises lately with several active threads running on the ’Gon. It appears that all owners who have installed the Podiums on speakers only have positive words to say about them.

I have actually bought a set of Isoacoutics Gaias for my speakers a month ago and was very pleased with them. However, all this talk about the Townshend Podiums sounding a lot better than the Gaias has given me something to think about. The Podiums are now in my future upgrade plan.

Back to the question. I just read a comment from a user here on the negligible difference in sound quality between the Seismic Bars and Podium. Has anyone else compared the Bars to the Podium and found the same to be true? I have to admit that the Podiums do look better than the Bars when installed on speakers although the latter may offer comparable performance. I understand that sound quality is usually the predominant factor in the selection of these things but aesthetics still matter for some people. Of course, the Podiums do cost quite a bit more than the Bars.

Intrigued by these products, I may investigate the Townshend Seismic Pods for components vs the equivalent Isoacoustics Orea which I believe is a lot cheaper. That, perhaps another different thread. I have read contradictory experiences on the Oreas as some say there’s an improvement while some say there is zero difference.

I would appreciate valuable insight and experiences from anyone who has made the comparison. Specifically the Podiums vs Bars or the Podiums vs Gaia (although I have read about this on existing threads earlier).

I am using nobsound Springs under my loudspeakers and my tube Integrated and super happy with the effect it created in my system. John, at Townshend, says the seismic bars and the podiums produce the same sonic effect but “the bars are harder to set up“ than the podiums. If I spring for the bars  (pun intended) I will post my results. The podiums would not fit in my non-dedicated listening room so the bars would be the only way I could go. I would not be surprised if the bars were another big jump up in Sonics

I am curious about the Nobsound springs, but don't know what their specifications are. Specifically how many springs are necessary for say a 60lb speaker or a 35lb amplifier.
I just put the podiums under my custom Tannoys, very large and heavy 150 liter speakers that needed size four podiums. Their effect was quite positive, but I don't know if they would make that much of an improvement over the bars.

For the difference in price, it may not be worth if there's not a quite sizable improvement. That is something I don't know. Maybe there is someone who has tried both, but they are probably a pretty rare anamal.

Thanks for all responses. Based on my very positive experience with the Isoacoustics Gaia, I suspect the Townshend Bars/Podiums will be significant jump in performance from the Nobsound springs. The only downside of the Townshend is the price. If they are cheaper I would have chosen them over the Gaias. Having said that, I have no regrets picking up the Gaias for my speakers as they have improved the sound of my system, fortunately!

Well from everyone that I've talked to that has tried both they said the gaia's were very very good but the podiums were on a whole different level better and I would never take mine from under my speakers ever again, the improvement was like changing all my electronics it was that significant.

I've owned the bars and my friend owns the platforms.  My YouTube channel actually started from doing DIY similar things to the Townshend stuff because it worked much better than anything I tried previously... Including Isoaxoustic Gaia's.

There should be no difference in the bars or platforms assuming you get the right size for the weight.  The bars and platforms each have their advantages in aesthetic and utility such that there's not one universal answer for which will be best for you.  The bars are cheaper, so that's a big tipping point for many.