Treating records with LAST preservative

Do you think it will slow down the ageing and deterioration of the vinyl? I am not talking about the record wear.Anyone has an experience doing it? Any other ideas to prolong the records shelf life?
You have to be careful with Last. It will definitely cause some types of vinyl to deteriorate sooner. On other types of vinyl, you will increase longevity and prevent deterioration. I ruined several Reference Recordings using it --- much noisier when done. In my opinion, the use of the preservative is not that valuable, and I quit using many years ago. Keep your vinyl clean with a vacuum record cleaner and appropriate solutions. I hope this helps.
Inna, I've never used LAST preservative, or any other kind of preservative treatments on my records.

As a record collector for many years, I did some research on the recommended storage procedures, and found that those worked quite well with no risk of unknown fluid effects.

The most important things that I have found for maximizing the LP is:
1) Storage on edge in reasonable quantities - so there is not any stress on the LP from stacking or leaning with weight on it.
2) Using a virgin vinyl or rice paper sleeve that can't leach any plastic stabilizers out of the record vinyl.
3) Using an outer sleeve to protect the record jacket, and placed on the LP with the jacket opening inside the outer sleeve to act as dust baffle.
4) Normal, regular cleaning of the disc with a good record cleaning process that doesn't include strong vinyl solvents.
5) Using a carbon fiber brush to keep dust off between wet cleanings.
6) Keep the stylus clean.
7) Keep the temp and humidity in normal living parameters, and keep the records out of direct sunlight.

I know that others use Last and have had good results. I have not, and cannot make a meaningful statement regarding its use over the long term. Frankly, I worry somewhat about the long term effects of any additives to the surface of my records.
Tom said it all. I do however use Gruv Glide although at a much lesser level than the instructions say. It's a must for Linn owners because without some type of anti-static the felt mat will lift with the record in the winter which is a major annoyance. I don't know if it will damage the vinyl with time but doubt it. It's easily removed with a normal, quick wet cleaning on my machine. At least that's been my experience.
I remember reading that The Library of Congress uses Last Record Care products to preserve vinyl records (Also, some time ago they purchased several top-of-the-line Simon York turntables to play their collection and transcribe many of them to digital. They must have done their research as I am sure they have "one-of-a-kinds" that are priceless.
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An interesting "mixed bag" of opinions here. To add one more voice, I've been using LAST preservative on my vinyl records for about 30 years, and have had uniformly good results with it. Of course, I thoroughly wet-clean my LP's first, using a Nitty Gritty record cleaning machine, and then apply LAST. During the past several years, I've sold about 1/3 of my record collection to people who frequent Audiogon, and nearly every one of them has written me to comment about the excellent condition of the records. The great majority of those LP's had been treated with LAST.
My experience is identical to Sdcampbell. Of my (approx.) 6000 LP’s there are only a hand full that are not treated with LAST.

I like the product and in comparisons with Groove Glide, preferred LAST.
I think LAST is an excellent product. I started using it in the 80's if memory serves. Absolutely no problems or issues on records that have been LAST treated for about 20 something years now.

I also use and would recommend their stylus cleaner.

Have Fun.
Perhaps, to a certain degree it depends on vinyl formulation. I am mostly interested in late 60s original American pressings and 70s original Japanese pressings but also some British from 70s and 90s.I do not intend to play them much if at all and just want to pass them on to my son.So, I would like to preserve the records for the next,say,70 years.My concern is that once it's done with the LAST it cannot be undone.
Aging and deterioration? My personal observation, and perhaps some of you may disagree, is that LP's simply do not age, deteriorate, or otherwise degrade when stored under reasonable conditions. If I am correct, then why add "Last" or any other chemical/preservative to the mix?
I'm one of those who bought LPs from Sdcampbell and can, indeed, vouch for their pristine condition and great sound. His use of LAST clearly has not deteriorated the sound in any way whatsoever. [PS, Scott... still waiting for that next list!]
I also like the Gruv Glide. It is much easier to use and far more economical. I found LAST expensive and difficult to use. And if you did not like what it did to the record you are stuck as it is permanent. The Gruv Glide washes right off if you choose.
Thank you all. Looks like most approve the bloody thing though some see no reason to use it. I think, I will try it on less valuable records and see what happens in a few years.
I have been using Last for years, and I can tell you I have some lp's that I have played at least 100 times and they still sound like new. I think this is what Last is for.
As far as long-term storage, store the LP's as per TWL's suggestions he is again BANG on the mark. Good inner and outer sleeves are a must. Good Luck
I like what Steelhead said, except for that last bit:"have fun". I jus' don' know 'bout that...