Triggering mono blocks without trigger capability

My pre-amp has a 12 volt trigger input. My mono blocks amp do not have any trigger input/outputs. Is there a way to turn ON/OFF my amps in conjunction with my pre-amp?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way(though, perhaps, NOT the best for audio apps). If I wanted to trigger a power source, I’d find a 12V coiled relay, with whatever voltage/amperage-rated contacts needed and wire up a distribution box(outlets). Power cord’s hot, to one side of the the relay’s contacts/outlet hots, on the other. Then, whatever configuration of cord needed, from the relay coil terminals, to the 12V trigger connection. The same could work, installed inside each amp, if you’re adventurous. Of course, then you’d have another EMI source(an electromagnet), INSIDE each amp.
Good idea(easier than DIY), but- be certain your preamp’s 12V trigger, can provide a constant 100mA, if you go for the Niles. The alternative(if not) is a 12V/100mA (or better) , DC adapter(wall wart), that would plug into your preamp’s 125V switched outlet(provided there is one).
Furman makes a number of conditioners with trigger inputs. Works really well.

Basically a few of the outlets respond to the trigger signal when enabled.


McIntosh makes / made them
call the guys at Audio Classics has them used starting at about $200
i would not be inclined to plug an amp into a power conditioner
Erik, I like the Furman suggestion. Tom, what is your case for not
recommending amps into a power conditioner?