Trip to the vinyl shop/ Jimi Hendrix: Axis: BAL

I got called off from a waiting tables shift tonight, and spent a few hours at my local vinyl emporium. I got the news they bought a big collection recently, and they did seem to have more treasures than usual.Picked up copies of The Doors:Absolutely live, Tom Petty s/t w/ the HB's. This one is a first press.Tom Petty: The one with Free Fallin,
forgot the title. Bruce:Darkness on the edge of town. The Dead: American Beauty first press. Bryan Adams:reckless. Mostly got that for my wife. Did see him solo on Valentine's day though. He does have a nice body. Alright, maybe I got it for both of us. I polished em all up, and played the Doors, both Petty's, and the Boss. All nice quiet copies, I listened to all of these at the store using my Shure headphones. I rejected alot of stuff for being noisy, minor warpage... I was glad to spot alot of new vinyl as well. They had all the Queen titles that just came out, the new Alejandro Escovedo, they had both the Mothership and Song remains the Same boxes. What especially caught my eye was a new Hendrix Axis:Bold as love 2008. It said on the album taken from all analog tapes.. I have the older one from Classic which came out maybe 6-years ago. Actually, I think my Classic Axis is in mono. Has anyone checked this one out. I believe it was a Back to Black vinyl series. I also spotted Nine inch nails:downward spiral, also the Back to black series. Well, that is how I spent my unexpected one day vacation.
The Back to Black Axis is very good and one of the few "Back to Black" reissues that seems to have received much in the way of positive reviews. From what I've read it's the only one that is identified as being sourced from the analog tapes and that may have something to do with it.

A number of people who also own the Classic mono have said they quite like this new reissue. Bulk of the info posted on it seems to be over at the Steve Hoffman forums.
Thanks HDM. I did check out Acoustic Sounds web page and saw that this Geffen label Axis: BAL along w/ Are You Experienced was just released. It was nice to see that my local shop had the newer MFSL releases , and also some of the Universal ones as well. Even though we can get this stuff from A-S and Music Direct..., it is nice to see it on the shelves for vinyl's sake. I am sure the holiday season may have prompted this local no mom/just pop shop to bring in the new stuff, but still inspiring for me. I must admit though, i am kind of in buying used vinyl mode lately. I picked up Rickee Lee Jones s/t last week for $3.00, in pristine condtion. It played quiet and sounds quite good.