Trumpeteer Roy Hargrove passes at 49.

I am a fan of his, and wish his family my condolences. RIP.
Uggh...he was one of the few carrying the hard pop torch into the 21st century.  Loved his playing as well.  Much too young to go...….
The Jazz World will surely miss one of its best younger players! A sad loss, indeed!
This is very sad news . I saw Roy live back in the early 1990s as he emerged as a a young and rapidly rising trumpeter. This was just before the release of his excellent tribute recording to Charlie Parker titled "Partner’s Mood" on the Verve label. I’ve own this recording well over 20 years and still play it regularly, a classic!

I last saw him perform live in Detroit 2 years ago in an intimate jazz venue (I sat at a front table 5 feet away from the stage). It was a quintet and he alternated beautifully between trumpet and a simply gorgeous sounding fugel horn. Pure hard bop and ballads, what a memorable night. I saw him later that summer at the Detroit Jazz festival accompanied by a string section, beautiful.

I’m so glad I have those vivid listening experiences of him live.I have numerous recordings of his which I’ll always cherish. This is really sad. My sincere sympathy for his grieving family. I’m going to listen to "Partiers Mood" now.
I never got to see him in Detroit, even when I lived in a loft behind Burt’s Jazz Marketplace. A friend who DJ’d at the Rochester Institute of Technology NPR station in NY introduced me to Roy Hargrove’s Crisol back in the 90s. Habana is still one of my favorite albums today. (It’s fun to listen for the guy cough between 29 and 32 seconds into Oh Ma Seh Yeh! It’s one of my tests for a quality reproduction system.) I’m sad to see him go. And so young!
A very sad day for Jazz in the 21st century. I am a big fan of Roy's work. "Private Eye" is my favorite...One of the modern greats. His music shall live on forever
Very sad, enjoying Roy Hargrove Quintet with “Tenors of our time”. Wonderful music. He will be missed.