Trying to setup new system for digital. Line Magnetic and Double impact speakers

I am building a new system for new house and have ordered a line magnetic 508 tube amp and am ordering the Tekton double impacts.I was wanting to start by playing digital and need some help. I know I am going to need a DAC and having been looking at the Auralic Vega and Ayre Codex but I M confused on the best way to use it? We have a lot of cds and music downloaded from I tunes which from my understanding is low quality.Is it possible to use old cds and iTunes files along with downloading high quality files moving forward I assume we would need a streamer? Music server? Any help would be appreciated want to make sure we get the correct equipment the first time.
@Bobster50 - What you require really depends many things...

How much effort do you want to put into getting "superb sound"?
- for a very good sounding digital "front end" that streams and comes with an on-board DAC and pretty good analogue stage you could start with a Bluesound Node 2.

This single unit comes with an interface App available on iPhone/Tablet, Android Phone/tablet, Windows and Mac platforms.

I burn the music into the following library hierarchy
- Artist
-- Album

I use DB Poweramp and convert all CD files to AIFF format

I have everything from Mp3 to 24/192

To improve the sound you could look at other streaming devices from companies such as NAIM - but there are lots out there that provide these features

You could also add a better external DAC to the Node 2 and given that you are getting a tube amp I would take a look at the Lampizator lineup. But you could also save that for an upgrade much later

 The above is a very easy approach to digital music of very high quality.

The Node 2 can attach to a LAN using Wireless or Ethernet - which is far better than USB (i.e. for the laymen). I have a NAS drive that stores all my music and the Node 2 links directly to it

You can also get the Vault 2, which has a hard drive on board - I understand importing your iTunes library is pretty easy.

Another option - You can use a computer to stream, but then there are the constant software upgrades which often result in incompatibilities between the various software packages - it can get messy.

By comparison, the Bluesound software upgrades are simple to install and they work.

I started out by using my computer feeding a v-link192 USB/SPDIF converter into  a Schiit Brifrost DAC. My wife would not go near that setup.

The Node 2 - 
- Sounded better
- was much easier to setup
- was compatible with all my Android devicess
- compatible with my iTunes Library
- easier to operate
- has manual controls on the top of each unit for Pause, Volume and Next Track

I also now have the Power Node 2 for my AV system and a Pulse Mini for outdoor music

The Node 2 should get you and running fairly quickly and their technical support is very good 

Once you get your feet wet you can venture into higher end products if desired, but the Node 2 provides extremely good quality sound

Regards - Steve

Thanks Steve for the great information I will look at the Node I have been researching the Lampizator Atlantic seems like it might be a great unit also