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My current system consist of a Pro-Ject 2Xperience TT with Ortofon 2M Silver cart,  Mcintosh MA5300 being used as a preamp, Mcintosh MC462 power amp and B&W 802D3 speakers.  I'm looking to upgrade the TT and looking for recommendations. I thought that I had narrowed my search down to the Rega P8 or VPI Prime 21 but yesterday someone told me that I should include the Feickert Volare as well.

What are your thoughts of the three I've listed here.  Are there others that I should be looking at?  My budget including cart is around $5,500 - $6,000.  

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@mijostyn The suspended table is the Motus IIDQ and the little brother is the Motus DQ which is the same drive/bearing/platter but housed in an unsuspended plinth.


As to tonearms either table can be ordered to accomodate 12" tonearms. The unsuspended table can be ordered for double tonearms ( 9" + 12" ) however the nature of the counterweighted suspension on the ’IIDQ’ dictates one arm only.


On RARE occasion a tonearm will be too heavy for the ’IIDQ’ suspension to calibrate correctly- One example is the Kuzma 4pt14 which is just slightly too heavy ( overall weight not effective mass ) so my client with a 4pt14 and Koetsu Blue Lace went with the Motus DQ instead...which is no slouch.


Thanks for asking :)

Thanks for all of the recommendations here.  Some really nice options unfortunately a couple of them mentioned are above my budget.  One of them about double my budget.  As of right now I think I'm going to go with the Rega P8, with the Apheta 3 cart and Aria preamp.  That will be a huge upgrade over what I currently have and still be below my budget.  To equip the Prime 21 like I would really want with MC and a phono preamp would put me around $7500.  


@solypsa , I will only use a suspended table and am not interested in two arms. Do you know what frequency the suspension is tuned to?

Great question- I need to re look that bit of info up and will let you know.