TT weight for a Rega P-5

Any need for this? Waste of money or a sonic improvement? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

IMHO, the best improvement for this TT is the Rega TTPSU if you don't already have one. Some swear by the Technoweight, Groovmaster subplatter and ruby bearing, rewire, etc. Regas were designed to be simple and to be played so enjoy the music.
Correction Miner42, GROOVETRACER subplatter.
John, unless you are using an aftermarket platter I'd forget about using a clamp for now.
It is my understanding that Rega specifically designs their tables to only be used with their own felt mats, and no other weight added. My dealer has done countless A/B comparisons with their felt mat and something heavier, and swears that in every case, people preferred the Rega felt. Since he does sell other mats, I tend to believe him, since he does have an interest in the other side of the outcome. I just use the felt on my P5. I did not find a clamp to be helpful.
Frank_sm - thank you for the correction. I now have a P7; traded up from my P5. For warped LPs I do use a Michell clamp for Regas and have found it does help tremendously. As stated above, stick with the Rega felt mat. If you feel you must make a change, get a colored rega mat. :)
I believe that you should contact Larry/TTweights and inquire.He may have a money-back policy ,if not satisfied.
The middleweight might be a place to start.Interesting clamps that appear to be reasonably priced.
Despite Roy Gandy's always iconoclastic advice to avoid anything additional to
his bare bones approach, including better cables, or even cleaning your records,
I do recommend trying different mats and a weight or clamp, and not just to
flatten warped discs; and I'm also a Rega dealer. Bear in mind that the spindle
on the Regas are short and tapered at the top so many clamps will not have
enough to grab onto, so a weight may be easier to impliment. I have used my
lead clamp from my Maplenoll table just as a weight on Regas and found it to be
an improvement. Also, if you use the dust cover during play be careful that it
clears the clamp/weight. IME, there are often advantages and disadvantages and
it comes dwon to a matter of tastes or priorities.