Tube amp and correct speaker connections.

I’ve had many different solid state amplifiers throughout the years but new to tube amplifiers. Recently purchased my first and like many, there is multiple speaker binding posts to handle different speaker loads. 16, 8 and 4 ohm. My speakers are a 6 ohm load. The manufacturer has suggested both connecting them to either the eight or the four ohm binding posts, depending on who I speak to. I feel like I should be connected to the 4 ohm posts knowing that my 6 ohm speakers are likely 4ohm or less at times. I’ve run the speakers on both posts and I don’t notice any difference between the two audibly. I’m just looking for some experienced opinions on this. 


          The wisdom: try all possibilities and leave it the way it sounds best TO YOU.

                                            You won't hurt anything.

                                                 DON'T OBSESS!

                                                  Happy listening!

OP, Good question. The first time I was presented with this situation I was stumped as well.


+1 Absolutely, try and decide is the answer. Which ever sounds better. It is not an electrically question, but a sound quality question. 

So. Listen to music with it connected one way for a few weeks. So your subconscious really understands what music sounds like connected that way. Then when it dawns on you… switch. If no obvious difference leave like that for a couple weeks. Then switch back. I think this second switch will answer the question clearly. If it does not. Then there really is no difference.

@rodman99999 @ghdprentice Thanks for the info. My concern was that having a mismatched load may risk damaging the amplifier. I’ll have to try both outputs again. I really didn’t notice any difference between the two previously. Now that I know Im not risking the amplifier I will take more time to really critique the sound. 

I remember Ralph (atmasphere) saying (assuming correct for the speaker) the higher the impedance tap, the easier for the amp, thus less distortion.

Perhaps he will clarify my vague memory