Tube amp for Reference 3A - SET or push-pull?

Just now diving into the world of vinyl and tubes. I have just purchased a turntable and am now looking to purchase speakers and a tube amp. I've pretty much settled on the Reference 3A MM de capos after hearing them for an audition.

I don't listen to much jazz or classical, mostly alt-rock (new order, love rockets, david bowie) and downtempo electronica (Tosca, Thievery Corp).

I know next to nothing about tube amps but I am planning on getting an integrated and spending about $1500 - $2500.

I like the idea of a Triode but I am wondering if push-pull with higher power is better for dynamics on this type of music? I barely understand the difference other than I read the Triode amps don't put out many watts on the dollar.

Thanks in advance.

Also, where can I find a primer/FAQ on hifi tube amps?
I'm using my de capos with a Primaluna PL2 w/el34 and love the sound.

Also used it with a Vista Audio I84 15wt class a PP and almost got rid of the Primaluna.

I have read good reviews of this with set like 300B but havent had the $$$ to take the plunge
I've heard the Almaro A318B hooked to a pair of the DeCappos and it was very nice. Open soundstage with very full clean bass. But... The Decappos aren't known for Rocking. You might want to look at another speaker for that.
I'm a big fan of SET amps, although at your price point you are looking at 30wpc or so max. It depends on the output tubes. KT88 tubes offer the most power for the money, while el34's sound better IMO. With the 3A's you don't need a ton of power unless you play really loud and have a big room. I'm using 30wpc with much less efficient speakers and have plenty of headroom. Note that SET amp watts are roughly equal to 2x SS amps, so 30wpc sounds like 60 wpc in solid state.

I don't think push/pull sound nearly as good, but do give you the power. You might look into models that are switchable so you can have the best of both worlds.
I enjoy my new De Capo i's (2010 model with latest upgrades) quite a bit on my Ayon Spirit II integrated tube amp, which puts out about 35 w.p.c. in the triode mode and around 70 w.p.c in pentode (push-pull). Triode mode sounds best for added texture and "air", and pentode has a bit more dynamic slam if needed. In a medium to large room, as Zmanastronomy pointed out, you may want to mate them with a good powered sub for heavy rock music. Great speakers...enjoy them!
I owned deCapos for a while and they were great w/SET amps - Cary 300B monos in my case. I highly recommend the combo, but....

I do wonder how this set-up will square with your taste in music. The deCapos have significantly more bottom end than most other monitors (they're significantly larger than most other monitors, too), but they don't provide much in the way of "thump". Similarly, they're on the mellow side thru the presence region and treble. IMHO, this is a great formula for vocals and jazz - especially when mated to SET amps - but not so much for your preferred program material.

Good Luck

My last pair of speakers were the Ref 3A Grand Veenas and I powered them to good levels with a 2 watt SET from DecWarem the Zen Select.

It has a built in volume control and sounds quite good when you run a single source into it, which is what I did.

Ref speakers aren't clutered with crossover parts, so SET amps can really work well.
I also had good sound with an Art Audio Carissa, which is an 845 PP amp, and an Atmasphere S30,an OTL amp.

All three tube amps were very good with my ref speakers which are more demanding of power due to the extra drivers and lower frequency.

You shouldn't have any problems with these amps on your speakers.

And I also tried a Pass Aleph 3, solid state class A, which was quite good.
I had a pair of the newer i versions. Great speakers. But I sold them. I wanted speakers that could be run with my Quicksilver 300b amplifiers, which have very hefty transformers, and this was not the case. In a 12x14 room I got plenty of bass, but also lots of clipping when played at higher listening volumes. That was unacceptable to me. I think they pair very well with 300b amplifiers, but I'd get something with 2 300b's in parallel, like the Cary. 8 wpc is not enough if you like volumes loud enough to engulf you, in my experience.
I have the same setup as Grinnell , Prologue II w/EL34's .
While this Primaluna amp is quite nice , dynamics is not its strong suit . Dynamics is a strong point of contention for your type of music . And I don't know what I would replace it with . Please post here what you find to be a good choice , when you find it .

Good Luck