Tube amp in a hot weather: Does it require a fan?

I am thinking about getting a Jolida 302B amp. As I will move back to Thailand soon. The climate there is hot and humid (at least ~85 F, ~30 C) all the time.

I am wondering if it will require airconditioner in the listening room or a fan to cool the amp down? Also will hot and humid weather shorten the life of the tube/amp?

I plan to use it with (probably) Axiom M3ti or M22ti (thinking about either M60 or M80 as well, but not sure if it's worth it.)

Thanks for any input,

Hi I live in Hawaii and my house is right up against the koolau montain range which means very humid/hot most of the time.
I am using my ceiling fan,quite new and not so noisy;also once in a while use a floor fan(vornado)quiet too.
try not to have the fan blowing straight toward the tubes but better taking the heat away from the back of the amp.
You don't want to cool off the tubes and in doing so the music too.
as far as corrosion,have owned tube amps for a while and no problems in site,if it were to happened would need to take the amp to an audio professional to have it cleaned up/serviced.
But from what my local dealer said it would take quite a few years,if ever.
so till then happy listening!
I think you need an electric fan or even an air conditioner for yourself more than the tube amp. does.
Tube coolers by Pearl will help both sonics and tube life. They are chemically blackened copper fins that push fit over the tubes - only downside is less glow visible!
I know Michael Percy Audio has 'em, maybe Partsconnexion or Audio Advisor worth trying also.
One potential problem I have heard of is cockroach infestation, their droppings are corrosive.
Otherwise, the other two posts cover it!
uhhhhhhh????????? He's still alive in here folks!!

In my experience I have found that with a front LCD projector going and a tube amp; central air is enough to maintain livable conditions. When it is just the amp temperature maintains with out a hick-up. So if at all possible I suggest A/C of some sort, being comfortable and relaxed is half the fun(for me any way). ~Tim