Tube Amp Repair


I have a Primaluna evo300 integrated tube amp

recently one of my KT66 tubes went bad, i temporarily put a EL34 in which came with amp while waiting for new tube.

Putting the new KT66 in for some reason did not seat well and guide pin broke off.  I put the EL34 back in and some smoke came out the socket.   I then put the KT66 back in.

All 4 power tubes glow but no sound.   I do not want to ship unit back to west coast

ANYONE know a firm in NJ/NYC area that can take a look at what is going on?


Thanks MUCH




     Did you remove the broken KT66 pin, from the tube socket, before installing the next tube?

     I ask, because: if the pin piece was pushed through the socket; it could easily cause havoc* on the other side.

     *ie: A number of wires and resistors run under the right channel's tube sockets.

yes the piece was picked out, i do some some plastic residue did go down.  I just think smoke is not a good thing   ;-(  

   NOPE!    Smoke's never a good thing, around tube electronics.

          Hopefully: any needed repairs will be easy/inexpensive.