Tube Amps and Subwoofers


I have an all tube (pre and Power) Amplification system and am looking for a little more bass for the lowest octave of my system. Therefore, a Powered Sub comes to mind. Is anyone running an all tube set-up with a sub here? Does it work/blend well? Or is there some incompatability with the sound?
I'm sure there are different opinions on this, but here's how it worked for me,in my listening room:

I had Aerial 10ts, and Jadis7 mk4. I changed the speakers to Montana ESPs; Lost some "perceived" bass. I went out and got a Relstorm3. Big help!

Then I changed the amp to CJ Premier 5s--updated version.Surprised me!--This had more to do with the tone of the bass I was getting.--Much more musical in nature. ( on instraments - not foot falls) Quantity vs Quality in my case. Lost 600 and sold the sub.

'Not much of a rap person, but; I rented "Save The Last Dance"-DVD. The bass literally hurts, as it shakes the room. meaning; It doesn't sound anythig like it sounds from the "mini trucks" going by.

Recap: Bass is much dependant on the room the amp,the speakers;The synergy of all.-- That also means having top notch ancillary equipment--driving amp and speakers. If your goal is "bitch'en" footfalls-get a sub. This is just one man's opinion.I'm not advocating -"get a sub/ don't get a sub"-- Just my impression, my story, of tube amps and subs.
I have just gotten into tubes but have used subs for 20 years. I stopped listening to subs when I found Janis systems. I use a Janis W1 in my home recording studio (SS). I use a Janis W2 in a HT setup (SS). I use a Janus W3 in a small (7.5 x 10) classical music listening room (entry level tube system: Arcam Alpha 8se and Musical Fidelity Pre with mullards and Antique Sound Labs Wave 8 monos with sovteks and Moth Cicada speakers). The Janis systems, which include Interphase amps with phase control, are fast and can be phased seamlessly. I expect other subwoofers may do as well, but quick response and a phase control, in my opinion, are the essential aspects.
- Good luck.
P.S. I also have room acoustic treatment that is essential in such a small room (but often needed in most rooms). Without it the bass just booms at room nodes and you'll have to find adequate speaker and listener positions to get a satisfactory result. (Bottom line: Its not plug & play.)
I am currently running a Sonic Frontiers Pro-3 DAC, ARC Ref-1, and VT-200 into Hales Trancendence 8 speakers. The Hales are great, but miss the bottom octave.

I bought a REL Stadium III. The REL takes its input signal from your tube amp, thereby passing the sonic signature of your tubes into the bottom octave. It's surprising that 200 W of power through a 10" speaker can deliver so much bass.

One caveat: If your tube amp is under powered, the REL will receive a distorted signal at high volumes and pass it on. I learned this the hard way. That's why I now have a VT-200 and sold my VT-100.