Tube fakes, any experts out there?

I understand that there are many counterfeit tubes out there, anyone have knowledge on how to tell the differences between the real ones and the relabled ones. I just bought some Siemens CCa's which I wonder if they are real.

There is some good information at
Some NOS fakes are semi fakes. There are tubes that were made at one time in Japan from the original manufacturers specs. So these tubes are fakes, but sometimes very good ones. Some fakes are "rebranded".
Try posting some details on under "tube asylum." Usually some experts there....
Justlisten- were they "bulk packaged" in white boxes from a guy in Singapore, bought via ebay. I bought some too, they are labelled Siemens Germany, and come with individual test results labelled on each box. I bought a matched quad and was wondering the same thing; shouldn't they say W. Germany unless they were pre-WWII?
Rmml, excellent information! That's what I love about this site, brothers (a few sisters) that will take time to help others! THANKS ALL.
Derrick: You really got into this tube rolling thing quickly. I want some CCa', I want some CCa's, I want some CCa's... too.

Unfortunatly, I have been in to tube rolling for a long time but opted for quantity NOS as opposed to quality NOS. I have lots of JAN Philips and other stuff which some consider junk, but nowadays my motor gets going for those SQ, PQ and CCa labels!!!!

Let me know if you need some CCa, I found a source here near my house who has a source from Germany and thanks to Rmmls link, the CCa he has check out as the real deal!!
I'm glad to help guys, your welcome.
Another tube that I find to give the Siemens CCa a run for it's money are the Siemens 7308 (E188CC designation in Europe), On my Line 2SE I found it better than the Siemens CCa. I bought mine from Kevin Deal,great guy by the way.
Hi Derrick: Thanks, but even at "steal" prices, they are out of my budget.
Again thanks to Rmml. Checked out the link and went to the closet to check those Bugle Boys. All is well and I will sink them into my Sonicfrontiers dac. Ebay seems to have the ball when it comes to NOS. Lots of Amperex tubes.
Swampwalker, " Siemens Germany" instead of " Western Germany " could well be of East German provenience.