Newbie needing experts' advice

Hello everyone. I'm slowly fitting my system together-- now I have CJ 11a power and CJ PFR pre. Next step is the speakers, but found out that there's too many to choose from. My budget is around $1500. I'm looking into KEF Reference 3.2. Any other suggestions? I listen to lots of rock, jazz, and classical music. The speakers don't have to be "latest technology" as I have found old models to sound quite good for my taste. Oh, and WAF is pretty important too. Thanks for your help in advance...
Room dimensions and how it's furnished will help us help you. Source components are/will be? Does WAF imply smaller monitor speakers, with perhaps a sub hidden away somewhere? If it does, you'll need some quality stands that'll set you back ~$300 or so. How about floorstanders or panels? Some ladies are more tolerant than others...
There is a pair of Legacy Sig III's for sale in Audiogon for 1700 or so - they retail for 3500 or so and would be a good match for you with a good WAF. Check out the Legacy site. Also a used pair of Martin Logan SL3's might be had for this. I am sure you will get a lot of good choices. In the new speaker division check out the Gershman Acoustics Cameleon - it is a new model for them and retails for 1699 new and looks great. Check with Steve at or it might be - he is in Minnesota and will give you a great deal - I bought a pair of Gershman Avant Garde RX 20's with his help. Have fun with the hunt!
Wow, that is a tough one. It's funny, and I gotta laugh, but I hear so many people tell me that they got all this gear, and then they decide to get the speakers last!!! They get the speakers as a last thought it seems!...which is totally backwards really. The speakers are about 40-50% of the sound of the gear, and should be considered first!!..then adding the gear. Oh well, it's the way it is.
REally, room, taste, listening habits (i.e, sit in one spot, or move around the house, or other listeners), and how loud you play are big factors for sure. If it were my money, and I'm looking at what you bought for amp/preamp, and making a judgment call, I'd look at someithing down the line of some Thiel 1.5's (used at $1000 range) or Thiel 2.2's or 2.3's (used at $1400-$2000) for that tube gear! I've had all in my sytems, and they work great with tubes, and will do reasonable hard rock at harder levels depending*(the 1.5's won't do Metalica that well at volume though). If you could get the 2.3's at around $1800-$2000 used, I'd grab em for those tubes, yes! This is ultra high rez, very clear/neutral sounding w/tubes(better than most by a long way), and do classical, rock, and everything else very well!
Also, this kind of speaker by Thiel will yield you very flexible off axis listening and around the house as well!...which some panel speakers won't allow you to do.
However, you may dig the opposite spectrum like Martin Logans, which you may also like with all kinds of music as well!(*although you must sit infront of them for proper sound..not my cup of tea really). The Logan SL3's can be found used at around you're price range sometimes. All the abover speakers are easy to sell off if you don't like either, alway's some buyers.
My suggetion would be to go to some dealers and listen to the types of sound from these speakers, or others, to get an idea of what you think will do your music right for you. I know alot of audio retailers would shoot me for saying that...but you really won't be getting anything world class or even close for $1500 new at a retail store...for sure!
If you do do this, just be honest and upfront with em, and say you're just listening and gethering ideas, and see if they got any demo's or floor models they want to move or something.
good luck.
Good luck, it'll be fun though. Ultimately, you
You can check out what owners of some of these suggestions have to say about them on - if this helps.
Thank you all for your great inputs. I live in a loft (20 x 30 x 12). The speakers will sit along 20' wall with brick wall and windows in the back. Hardwood floor. Lively sound. My listening habits vary: sometimes walk around or sit down. Wife LOVED Silverline Sonata MKI (they were pretty, indeed), but I had an itch and changed to ML Sequel II. Now she says they're too tall. Ugh... Anyone has any experience with Kef Ref 3?
Expert(s)? Hardly. I would look into Cabasse Skiff, here on audiogon for $1500. Check under "Speaker suggestions for CJ MV60" just couple of threads down.
Meadowlark Kestrels? Proac? I'm sure there are plenty of very good speakers in that price range...especially if you're willing to buy used.
Spendor SP 1/2e, w/ Sound Anchor Stands, should be available in your price range. They do very well w/ tubes. If you get a CD player that's on the dynamic side (e.g., Cal Audio CL-15), even rock will sound terrific.
I've owned my Biro L/1's for 4 years now and love'em. $1,600 factory direct, so they would cost about twice that in the regular circuit after dealer mark up. They're an easy "8 ohm" load so your amp should be ok with them. They're 87db efficient/sensitive so you'll have to decide if that'll work for you based on the size of your room and how much power you have. I'm giving mine 160wpc and rarely turn them up loud. Its a nice two way monitor with an open-air mounted tweeter.
I second Phild, look into Meadowlark, they are hard to beat in this price range.
Soliloquy 6.2 or 6.3 would mate nicely with the tube amps and are nice to look at. Some for sale on A'gon now. Website is
I can't be the only one who likes the magnepan 1.6R in this range, can I? Buy a dealer demo and save some green. If I where to buy speakers under 2k that would be what I would go with. Good luck.
Hi. I used to own KEF 105.2. Now have Soliloquy 5.3. Saw a demo pair for $1200. Beautiful, musical, and my wife loves them. Sorry haven't heard 3.2s.
Yes, I wanted to know more about KEF 3.2's (Thanks Ljgj) Now I'm more confused about this than before... All the speakers mentioned are great ones, but I wanted to know specifically about CJ 11a and its good matching speaker. I've tried Magnepan 1.6R, but not enough power-- and low WAF. Now I'm considering Gershman Cameleon and Soliloquy 6.3. Thanks everyone again for your inputs!