tube or ss tuner

I have a system with all SS sources Linn. The amp and preamp are tubes Cary. Would staying with a SS tuner make more sense or should I get a tube tuner? Not sure if it would be redundant or not. Thanks to all.
I love tubes and use them in my amplification and CDP, but actually prefer the
sound quality of my vintage Sansui TU919 over my previous Magnum Dynalab
MD-108 with NOS tubes. So I'd say one is not necessarily better than the
other when it comes to tuners. Going the vintage route may give you a lot
more bang for your buck... at least that has been my experience with tuners.

Now when it comes to amplification, I've yet to find a solid state amp as
satisfying as a tube amp.
The only way I'd consider a tube tuner is if you got your hands on a vintage tuner such as scott or pilot with a multiplexer. That will allow you to play with separation and tube rolling. Otherwise, I totally agree with Pdreher. Check Mapleshade for and example of a great tuner/mpx unit.
Thanks Elevick and Pdreher, you saved me some money today. I guess I should be happy with my Linn Kudos, it always works good. Now I can spend the money on beer and new music. I just rebuilt a Sondek 12 today. Thanks again and best of luck!
I do love my Mcintosh MR-67. Even without a rehab it sounds great can listen to radio for hours.
Get a Mac MR-67 or MR-71. These tubed tuners are great and will have a synergy with your tubed pre/amp. I have the MR-67 and it is magical, bringing FM to life like no other tuner source I have owned before. BTW, I am a prior owner of some very fine solid state tuners - Yamaha T-2 & CT-7000. They were very, very good, but not as addictive as the MR-67.