Tube preamp for pass labs ?

I recently bought a brand new Pass Labs x250.8. It seems to be finally broke in after about 800 hours. I’m using a good preamp, the BAT VK-33se. I’m curious what other tube preamps others are using with this amp? 
one thing I did was bought inexpensive Wireworld stratus power cables on Sale for $116 shipped brand new for amp, preamp, dac, and server. They seem to have helped settle my system down quite a bit. I really like these inexpensive cords. 
but, again what tube preamps are you owners of the 250.8 using?

TIA for any info given. 


Audio Research for sure. I have run an ARC with Pass amps for decades, until a few years ago when I switched to Audio Research amps.

The BAT is excellent….. i would look elsewhere in the system for improvement….

While not running a Pass anywhere your wattage, I have a Linear Tube Audio microZOTL level 2 with my XA25. It’s a great combination to my ears. The LTA is not as warm sounding as some other tube preamps, but is dynamic, great soundstage, and very natural sounding overall. The class A Pass has a bit of warmth to it (besides thermal), so they mate very well in my system.

I found after many tried. CAT SL1 mk3 Line Stage with upgraded caps & wiring. Still sounds as good as any, that’s why it’s still around and a winner! Pass needs a great tube preamp to hear its resolve. 

The next positive surprise and very musical with inner details are Allnic preamps  musical & smooth.  


Check out Aric Audio online. If interested follow up with a call. Great 6SN7 line stages. Tube rectified, point to point wired. Aric is great to deal with. 

I use one of his preamps with my Pass XA-25.