Tube Roll for McIntosh C2300 PreAmp

Has anyone had good luck rolling the 12AX7 tubes on this unit? I have heard the Golden Lion are good.
I use super-cryoed Mullards from cryoset. They are not expensive, and have a super black background...while smooth as silk. Try em out.

Have no experience but would be curious if anyone had success using 5751s. Just a thought. There are a few really good current 12AX7s. I like current production Tung Sols but not better than my Sylvania triple Mica Blackplates from the 50s. I just don't know how good a 5751 would sound in that circuit.
FWIW, Mullard 12AX7 reissues made a huge improvement in my C220. McIntosh has told me that, other than the phono section and a few features, the C220 and C2300 are the same.
I bought 12ax7 Telefunken tubes from Brent Jesse Recording Supply Illinois and am extremely happy with the results! Best $200 bucks ever spent!
Mark McCune
I hears JJ Tesla was also a good choice for tube. Anyone have experience with JJ Tesla?
I just rolled a pair of Gold Lion Super Cryo and already noticed the diff. I also got a pair of 1950 Telefunken that I will try after 100 hours with the GL. What difference could I expect from the Tele.?