Tubes for Bottlehead Foreplay

Looking for romantic, lush mids. Any suggestions?
For those on here who may be able to advise, they would need to know which tube(s) types you are using. That is, are they 6S7 or 6922 or 12AX7 - there are different recommendations by type.

Full/rich 12au7's in the Foreplay are:

RCA black plate (50's/60's)
RCA gray plate (50'/60's)
Sylvania BP (yellow print 50's/60's)
Sylvania GP (yellow print 50's/60's)

Still pretty full sounding, but with increased HF extension:

Amperex Orange Globe 12au7a/ecc82 (mine are really Mullards)
RCA 5814a white label (mine have 3 mica spacers)

GE's can also be good (nice & full), but they have been hit and miss from my collection (think the ones I like are actually RCA's branded GE).