Tubes with Gold pins have issues in some sockets?

I was told that gold pin tubes will not fit well in sockets that were not designed for gold pins. Is this correct?
I am not a tubehead so I don't know. But I love my tube equipment and have changed and used many different small-pin tubes in my tuners (Mac and Scott), CD player (Ah Tjoeb), preamp, phono preamp, and integrated amp (the three latter all by ARC) and have had no problem or difficulty swapping in gold pins for the steel pins that were originally in all these units. So even if it's true it may have no practical impact for you. FWIW, the Siemens gold pins I now use in my ARC CA-50 are a lot better than the Sovteks it came with. Probably due to more than just the gold pins, though.
I too have tried many different types of tubes with and without gold pins,without any problems. I do think you have to be a little more carefull due to gold pins being a little softer.If you guide them in rather than forcing you should have no problem. Have fun!
The person who told you this is full of Poo-Poo-Pa-Loo (as far as this advice goes).
thanks guys:)

Never know what to believe sometimes unless you've had experience. This forum really rocks.

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