Tucson, AZ?

Hi Gents,

This is my second call for audiophiles in the Tucson/Oro Valley vicinity.

The owner of the one high-end shop in town intimated to me that most Tucson residents listen to country music and you don't need Mark Levinson gear to do that.

If anyone has any interest in getting together for some listening or in possibly starting an audio society, by all means get in touch. You can e-mail me through Audiogon if you like.

You have an excellent jazz station there, KUAZ, you might contact some people there to see if anyone is into great equipment to go with great music. Loved living in Tucson.
I think there were some guys trying to start one here in Tucson. Never heard if it got going or not.
I'm just getting ready to leave the US and move to Canada when I found this post.
Yes I'm still leaving but have found that Tucson is a rough place to try and start anything audiophile related.

I am a big DIY speaker guy and have hosted a few DIY events here in town with a pretty good turn out but most of us diy guys are cheap (the reason we build and not buy.

I know Loren Charles the president of the Mark & Daniel North American distribution is starting a music lovers club. I think his website is www.madspeakers.com and it might be worth checking out.

I'll be in Edmonton Canada 6/09 enjoying real high end shops and friends :)