Conrad Johnson Dealer in Tucson?

There are 2 CJ Preamps for sale on Agon currently by a member - MlMusic,- who is, apparently a dealer. He does not respond to any form of message, since I am keen to possibly buy one of these units. I even asked in the public questions for his phone number and there was no response. I asked Agon to look into it and they said he has not been on the site for 3 weeks.......I called CJ to ask for their dealer in Tucson, but they are moving and unavailable. Very odd for a dealer to ignore a sale of a substantail amount.....can anyone help with the name of CJ dealer(s) in Tucson so that I can call him?
Odd thing. I believe there is a CJ dealer in Phoenix, AZ.
start at that point.
Thanks for your help. CJ e-mailed the name of the Tucson dealer who has been AWOL from Agon.
I have done a lot of business with Ross.
When I had a problem with a new cj pre, he went above and beyond to get the problem resolved.
I can't say enough good things about Ross and his service.
My name is Ross from ML owner of ML Audio my phone number is 5207306989.  I believe that Conrad Johnson may have given the wrong number at one point.  I am glad to answer any questions and I prefer phone call since I am an old school guy.  You may also text me at 5207306989. 

I am here to serve you and help you acquire Conrad Johnson gears.

I appreciate your interest in Conrad Johnson, Dali, Acoustic zen, Triode, Rega, and musichall