Phoenix and Tucson Record Shops?

I love to visit used record shops while traveling and am wondering if any of you Arizona peeps have recommendations for “don’t miss” stores in either the Phoenix or Tucson areas. My taste leans more toward jazz and classical, but I enjoy a variety of music. Thanks for any suggestions!


I believe there is one near the corner of Camelback and Central, in Phoenix. There is another one that I know of called "Record High". I have not been there, but it comes highly recommended. It's over by the University, off Highway 10. I know they carry rock records...classical and jazz, I'm not sure.


You are on the right track.

Record High has a great selection of jazz, rock and some classical, etc. Located at 4242 E. University, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Right across the street is Little Miss BBQ. Stop there at lunch time for some great BBQ.

Stinkweeds is located just West of the NWC of Central & Camelback. Parking is behind the Camelback store front. They carry rock, indie, some jazz, etc. Next door is Arizona Hi-Fi. They carry gear in all price ranges from starter stuff to Nagra HD.

In Groove Records is located at 3300 N. 24th St. Large variety of record all types.

There are a number of Zia record stores in Phoenix area. Not recommended by me, but there is some bin diving and possible cherry picking to be done. Records are not cleaned and the light is too low.

Thanks, @jperry. I'd read about Record High and hope to drop by tomorrow. Appreciate the other descriptions as well.

My apologies for neglecting to mention ZIA Records. I go to two regularly; the one on Camelback and 19th Ave; and the one on Thunderbird, just east of the 17 Fwy. I recommend both highly. Allow plenty of time, as both stores are full of records. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on locating items. I found out last week that they have Mobile Fidelity UHQRs. Who knew? The staff is very helpful!

Record High sets the standard for only selling decent quality LPs.

Dan the owner has great new stuff each week.


Zia is a chain and has the ability to check all stores for items

as it is computerized. A real plus when shopping LPs or CDs.

Mike at 'In The Groove' Records has a YouTube channel that he updates almost every day with new releases and such (Thursday is big new release day), and you can get a good idea of his store by checking out a few of those...

BTW, Little Miss BBQ has the best Brisket in the country and I have been to KC, Memphis, Tx, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida for BBQ.  The Ribs are outstanding also.  You have to get there by 10:30 am. so go have some BBQ to fuel your record search across the street.  .  

My favorite was The In Groove. I liked how organized it was, the large selection and that they sold vintage and new gear there. A newbie could walk in with nothing and a short time later come out with a respectable rig and some vinyl to get going.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I was able to go to Record High and one of the Zia locations today, and came away with several great finds. Off to Tucson on Sunday...