Tuner power cable ?

Hi all, Does the power cable on a tuner matter ? Lost mine and want to add the tuner back into my system.
Of course it matters. Like everything else. How much? Listen and you will hear. Like everything else.
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I have upgraded all my other pieces of equipment with Morrow cords. I suppose my question is... will I hear a difference between a $175.00 cord and a $25.00 cord and spend the difference  on a better Antenna .
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I see that since you are already a believer in SQ of AC cords just go to Audio Advisor and buy a $99 Pangea cord. Excellent quality - no need to spend more!
More perfect ! I just ran a dedicated line for power and was looking for a outlet plug, the perfect  plug looks like the one for me. Thanks for the info.
For a tuner I’d say ever dollar spent on a good antenna is worth much more than the same $ on a power cable. 
I would be concerned with the best  antenna setup possible for your setup. Power cord is the least of your worries.

A guess it’s a miracle that my 40 year old McIntosh MR78 with a stock captive cord sounds as good as it does. From back when hot dogs were good for you I suppose!