Tuners: Accuphase T101 vs Audiolab 8000T

Has anyone heard these two tuners or have reliable information to compare their sound qualities or other characteristics?

I own an 8000T and very happy with it. I have never heard T101, however, in case you are not aware, you should know that Audiolab does not exist anymore. They are purchased by TAG McLaren, and I don't think they service ex Audiolab equipment.
I did hear this thanks, though I think at least TAG UK services the old Audiolab products.

BTW, the Accuphase in the thread heading shouldn't be T101, it's the Accuphase T-100 I'm considering against the Audiolab.
Just FYI: www.artech-electronics.com provides service for the 2 to 10 year 8000t tuner. Accuphase only has One US service center (in California) for the approximately 23 year old T-100/T-101 tuners.
Accuphase T100 is one of the truly great analog tuners of all time, certainly (along with Yamaha CT7000) the greatest tuner ever made in Asia. They just don't make them like that anymore. It is not the best in terms of selectivity or sensitivity--a modern Magnum, or the superb Mac MR78/MR80, is what you want if that is a big concern. But for effortless, enjoyable musicality on strong stations, it's hard to beat the Accuphase. And BTW, the T100 sounds significantly better than the T101, it has an extra RF front-end gain stage which probably is the explanation. Buy the Accuphase! PS--they can still be serviced too, by Accuphase USA tech support in California. Pick it up for what, $300 to $400, pay another $200 max for a complete tuneup by factory-authorized techs, and you'll have a KILLER tuner for under $600. Just my opinion of course...
I agree that the Accuphase T100 is one of the great tuners of all time. I have a full Yagi aerial setup with rotor on my roof, and the Accuphase sounds wonderful on live BSO broadcasts. Because it is analog you can tune it slightly off the frequency if warranted. A multipath meter is also very useful as an adjunct to the aerial and the tuning nob. Can't do this with most digitals!
anyone know what is the difference between the Sequerra ref/studio/fm1/fm2 and which one is the best and how much are they when new/the value in used market?, thanks