TUNING Sub - Speaker/GenesisV. Anyone?

I have a pair of GEN-Vs (with active subs powered by separate amp) and am having trouble tuning. The subwoofers' amp allows you to set the subwoofer cut-off frequency (up to 120Hz) as well as, subwoofer (relative) volume, and phase (the GEN Vs fire front & back, phase invert).
Anyone out there with sub-woofer -> speaker tuning experience? My main power amp is a Symphonic LIne RG7.

Try your sub volume at 30 and your high pass at 16 and
your low pass between 85 -90. And phase at 180. Give that a shot for
starters and then tweak from there if you want. That
is where I am at right now and find it right for
my room.

Good luck,
I am using the Genesis V with a cj Premier 11A and Audible Illusions Mod 3A. I have found bass adjustment to be a matter af trial and error. ake your time. Also, I found it important to change one parameter at a time.
The first step is speaker placement. The speakers should be about 6 to 7 feet apart to achieve proper mid-bass coupling and good imaging. Depending on your room toe in may be helpful. Try pointing them straight ahead with the first reflection point on the side walls damped. Then toe them in a little at a time. Note, they can sound excellent with the tweeters aimed at your ears when you are in your listening position. I have used the speaker placement recommended at the Cardas website with good results. Or try the rule of thirds. The speakers should be 1/3 out into the room, and 1/3 away from the side walls. Note, do not place them so the speaker to back wall distance is the same as the speaker to sidewall distance.

Now adjust the bass settings starting with the gain. This will be room dependent, for my room I find 34 to 36 good. Adjust the frequency to 84 to 86 hz with the phase angle at 0 degrees. Listen to acoustic music with male and female vocals, i.e. Holly Cole, Cassandra Wilson, Kendra Shank, Diana Krall, or Harry Connick Jr. Adjust the gain for proper vocal foundation. What you want is some chestiness to the voice. Focus on the voice, not bass. This will take some time, and it is not unusual that you will be adjusting over several listening periods. It is important to take your time. With the gain adjusted for try acostic music with cello, bass and piano. Listen for instrument body. If the speakers sound bass heavy adjust the gain down and the frequency up slightly until it sounds right. Go back to the vocals and adjust again. Now you should be close. Adjust the phase angle using cello or male vocal, I find these to be the best for this adjustment. Adjust for a seamless transition in the cross over region. Mine is set at 45 degrees. Now listen to music with great dynamic and frequency range. I highly recommend the Gladiator sound track. The foundation of the music should be good but not boomy or exagerated. If it is bboomy start with the gain and reduce it. Then adjust frequency and phase angle. Again go back to simpler recordings described earlier. One way to minimize bass exageration is to move the speakers away from room boundaries. Of course you'll have to readjust all your settings.
I have found setting the Genesis V bass to be fairly straight forward, but don't rush it. Minor changes have an impact. Also, you may find the bass exagerated on some recordings but not others. Many recordings have the highs and bass goosed up. If the extereme bottom end is emphasized adjust the gain for the particular recording and return it to the original setting when done. Note, donot focus on adjusting the subwoofers for low bass, i.e below 40 hz. The sound will be poor in my experience. Adjust for the 60 to 100 hz range. Everything should fall into place. If your room is too small, you may not be able to eliminate low end frequency emphasis.
Interconnect cables and your primary speaker cables will also impact frequency response. Your settings may vary based on the cables you use. I'm using Nirvana cable through out. My final settings are Gain: 35, Frequency 86 hz and phase angle: 45. Again speaker placement is per the Cardas website recommendations +/- 1/4". Let me know how it turns out and happy listening. Toe in is set with the tweeters firing at the listening position. This gives a rock solid center image with room filling soundstage. In my case the soundstage is wider than the room and quite deep.

My room is 16w x 33l x 10h.
Amcore-Thanks for the great set-up tips. I've been trying to set-up the Genesis VIs and can't get the center image to focus as preciely as I'd like (I have them pointed nearly straight ahead). I'll try your suggestions. Thanks!
Guys, great guidance, TXS, esp. Amcore for all your time. Have placed speakers as per Cardas. Room size (ft) 15w x 25l x 10h. Cabling is Bearlabs, clear and musical. I am now at Ph 45/Vol 39/Low pass 85/ and adjusting. Thanks again!
Pls don't disqualify me from this forum, but I blew one of my front ribbon tweaters (had a spare) -- is this part of the GenV package or (probably) am I doing something wrong? Maybe playing too loud? Anyone encountered this shortcoming?
Txs again
Gregm: It could be the amplifier was driven into clipping, which can burn the tweeter coil in any speaker pretty quick. How loud were you playing the speakers? How did the tweeter fail, did you burn the coil or does it sound raspy? What kind of music were you playing when it went.
About every 6 months I tighten the fasteners for all the drivers. They tend to loosen up. This problem is not limited to Genesis. Also, the tweeter may need adjustment, it can be opened and he Kapton ribbon can be re-aligned.
I really havenot had any problem with my drivers.
Amcore, thanks for responding. The coil was CUT at one point, and I had no sound coming out of it. I was playing with volume @11:00 (uneccessarily load, for my room, I might add) and the music was Mahler's 5th symphony.
By the way, I have never tightened the drivers -- that's great idea!
How did you realign the tweater? When I opened up the spare to add a new ribbon, there was seemingly only one way the ribbon could fit so that the connectors face in the right direction. I changed the round paper coming in between the magnet chasssis & the coil, using soft coffee filter paper -- but have not tried the driver since.
By the way, re: tuning. I have noticed that in my system, the midrange & upper mid sound a tad better / clearer when the control is set @ 1 than when set @ 2. This may be due to my amplification -- european gear does tend to emphasize mid-range -- but I think it's worth a try... However, I wouldn't change the sub's settings, as per Amcore's suggestions, to suit the midrange control.
I am now @ PH45, Low 86, Vol 36, and feel I'm close. I think Chesky's Listening Tests CD can also be of use here...
A very timely thread as I recently acquired a set of the Genesis V. I followed a similar path to that suggested above, tuning by ear. I then checked the response using the Spectraplus RTA program you can download off the web. It confirmed my settings, which with a little more tweaking produced a very flat result below 200Hz with the exception of some room boost at 30 Hz or so. I have the crossover at 85, gain at 17 and phase at 180.

I have noticed there is a bit of a dip at around 250-300Hz. There was some talk earlier about having the speakers 6-7 feet apart to help couple the mid bass. Mine are nine feet apart. Would bringing them closer togethr help?



I also had mine about 9' apart as I alway like my speakers
spread apart about that distance. But the Gen V's sound
better 6-7' apart with no toe in. If you keep them a 9'
toe them in over each shoulder, if not you will not get
any imaging at all.
BTW... I notice your settings are very close to my final settings.
Remember it is hard to leave these alone with so many
controls, but try!
Every once in awhile you will feel the urge to change
due to different recordings, but I'm sure you will alway's
return to your initial starting points.

I now own Wisdom Adrenalines which have the same basic
crossover functions and am now retweaking all over again.

Does it ever end?? ;o) (Hope not)

I also had mine about 9' apart as I alway like my speakers
spread apart about that distance. But the Gen V's sound
better 6-7' apart with no toe in. If you keep them a 9'
toe them in over each shoulder, if not you will not get
any imaging at all.
Steve, welcome to the happy Genesis gang. Re mid-low: I haven't yet managed to achieve flat coupling between low & mid in my room (15w x25l x10h). However, a flat result below 200Hz sounds very good... My speakers are ~7 ft apart woofer to woofer (centre) -- bringing them closer *does* boost mid-bass. Try speaker placing as per Cardas (depending on room width), and check out the pre-to-subamp cable. This may help to iron out some discrapancies. Also, the sound is more detailed, the further you are away from the speakers (this depends upon yr room size). Hope this can help.
PH @ 180: what does this do for you compared to, say, 45 (my present setting). In my room, phase & mid seem very interelated --- where do you have the midrange setting? I have it at 1 with tweater at near maximum.