Turntable and a Passive pre?

I've been looking to upgrade my preamp, so my latest bit o' kit to audition is a borrowed (custom) Passive 'preamp' - my first experience with a Passive - and I'm really digging the result!

...thing Is I'm a also a vinyl guy,so this only helps with the little Silver discs...

the question then is: is it possible (or practical) to drive a passive Pre with something like an Ear Phono pre? (the Phono Pre I've been eyeing - pardon the pun)
or is a Passive a no-go with a phono pre? or is this simply an issue of matching the phono pre and amp Impedences?

I'm in a similar situation. Tomorrow I will receive a Bent NOH transformer based passive.
Passives don't like sources with high output impedance, but with a solid state phono stage, this won't be a problem.
More important is the gain level of the phono stage.
If you can manage to get a signal which is close to the cd level, you should be fine...
Check to see how "sensative" your amp is and compare it the output voltage of the phono stage. I run passive also with an amp that has a sensativity of 1.2 volts to drive it to full output. My phono stage output is based on the output of the cartridge itself. I use a 2.2 mV high output MC cartridge and I am fine volume wise. If I had a 4mV grado, I could probably shake the walls, but no need to as I value my hearing. Also, the sensativity of your speakers will be a factor as well.

I am using a custom preamp designed and built by Kevin Carter @ K&K Audio. It is a two chasis design with an outboard PS for Kevin's excellent MC phono stage. For attenuation I am using a pair of the Mark I version TX-102 transformers. I have two other inputs which I use for my tuner and my digital front end. This is the best preamp I have ever had in my system, bar none. But my point is that a well designed tube phono stage with enough gain(I have about 72db for my 0.3mV cart.) can work exceedingly well with a passive device. I have all the volume and dynamics I could ever ask for, and the phono stage is as quiet as most SS devices, minimal tube rush even at very high settings.

I use an Art Audio Vinyl One that has a built in passive attenuator and hook it up directly to my amplifier. One less set of interconnects/connections makes for better sound.

You probably could wire an attenuator to the EAR and forget about the passive pre.