Turntable and phono cable synergy?

I'm currently upgrading all my cables on my system and I have a question about synergy between the turntable and phono cable. I currently have a well tempered classic with a transfiguration spirit cartridge. Other equipment includes Convergent Audio Technology Preamp with a phono stage, GamuT 200 amp and Reynaud Offrande speakers.

My budget for a phono cable is about $1000 at this point. I'm asking about synergy because I'm thinking about upgrading my turntable/cart within the next year and I was curious if a great phono cable is a great cable no matter what turntable it's on. btw, I'm currently using a prototype Hovland phono cable that my dealer had laying around back in the day that he was beta testing. If synergy is a big issue then I will wait until I'm ready to upgrade the table, cart and cable at the same time. Also recommendations on cartridges in my price range are appreciated too but maybe that should be another post once I've narrowed it down.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I once had a WTT Classic and upgraded the tonearm cable with Cardas litz so that it was one run of cable from the cartridge clips to the phono RCA inputs.

This will be a cost effective upgrade. If I were to do it again I would probably use Ikeda or Audio Note silver tonearm wire.

Thanks Taksil for the suggestion. What I was really asking about was not the tonearm cable but the phono interconnect. There's so much discussion about cables that work better with one system or the other but it doesn't seem to make sense on some levels with phono interconnect cables. To me a great phono cable should work great with any turntable. Or is it possible that a phono cable actually sounds better or worse with certain tables. That's what I was trying to find out.