Turntable parts; catalogs suppliers custom shops

I just got the vinyl bug and want to explore my options, considering even building something custom. Where can I find parts such as bearings motors platters and plinths. The plinth at this point may already have been solved, plan on using acrylic for the plinth, but am opting to make the plinth out of a heavy glued up wooden block.
Origin Live have a dc motor and power supply
Galibier Design have parts for platters
Teres Audio have all you need!
DIY HIFI SUPPLY have a good looking turntable kit you could build on http://www.diyhifisupply.com/

It will cost you far less buying a second hand tt and use the parts to build your own.
Try the analog section of diyaudio. There are some threads going at the moment for diy bearings, which I think is the hardest part of it.
I bought an old empire turntable, and built my own plinth for it, but used the motor, bearing and platter from the empire.