Two Channel HT

I have a Rotel 965 HT receiver: How can add pair of speakers to be used as satellites. I use the receiver solely as 2 ćhannel stereo set up. What I have tried thus far causes the satellites to sound weak and distorted. Help. Thank you.
Is it working correctly as a 2 channel receiver?
Do you want to add surround speakers?
Have you followed the setup procedures in manual and on-screen menus?
How have you connected the "satellites" and how have you configured them?
Thanks, Kr4. Yes it works great as a 2 ch when surround is off. I do not want surround, simply speakers in another room operating as stereo. I do not have it hooked up to the TV, thus no screen instructions. I'm working and don't have the receiver to say how the pair 2 speakers are connected.

Thanks for your interest.
I am afraid that your older receiver is ill-equipped to do what you want. It does not support A/B speakers or remote zones. Also, what comes out, even via the main speakers is not really controllable without an on-screen display.

You would have been better off with a 2 channel/stereo AVR.
Thanks, Kr2. I'll have to get my NAD 7600 out of the closet, I guess.

Thanks, again.

I can biamp with my hk avr7550hd by setting the avr to 5-channel stereo mode. You then have to set center channel to off and speakers to large and no sub. So then the right front and side have the same full signal and the left front and side have the same signal. '

You might have to connect a tv in order to make these settings.