Tyler Decade D1s

Going to give Tys new D1s a audition. I love my Linbrook Sigs but my inqueseness is to large and i have to give D1 a listen. As anyone who has listened to Linbrook Sigs knows the sound is full wide and sweet, those big boys disappear in the sound.

Ty says D1s will be a large improvement on LSS. After 3 plus years with LSS they will have to be to win me over.

Are there any of you Goners that went to Rocky Mt Fest who visited Tylers room and heard D1s.
Yes. My friend & I were stunned by how amazing they sound. Easily in our top 3 of the whole show. And Tyler struck us as a down to earth real deal guy you can trust. I want a pair too. By the way, he was using a mid-fi amp to drive them. The bass went low and was fast & tight. Really was impressed all around by them.
Thanks Waveman for the info. Thats what i expected to hear knowing Tys designs and products. Ty is by far one of the best in all of audio. Down to earth and straight forward.
Got my D1s this evening. A 400lb package at the local Yellow Fright trucking dock they just fit into my Pathfinder. Gotem home and with the help of the wife who btw has no problem with the size of D1s in our music room unpacked and temporarily set them up. At over 170lbs these baby's are heavy care is needed for you and the speakers. For now just sitting on towels.

Ty said he put 70 hrs on them before shipping to me. Will play them until i get 150 plus hrs on them and then use the master setup for placement in my room.

Right out of the box these big floor standers are so much better looking in person than pictures of them i've seen for sure. Built like a tank with 1 inch walls all the way around. The time delay design and shape already have caught my ears attention. No problem with bass with rear porting a concern i had.

After listening to 3 lps tonight i am impressed to say the least. I will hold my thoughts till i get at least 150 hrs. on them.
Have near 115 hours playing time now. D1s appear to have no problems with setup. I have not tried to get real technical with setup but dont think D1s will be difficult to get positioned. Making small moves for better listening and they are easily coupling into my large room very nicely.

I also put the spikes on at this time and can still slide them with small hard wood floor pieces and the towels beneath them.

Bass is really starting to bloom with a tight sound. Mid range has changed from its lean dry sound to a true life like sound. Piano and voice have real good timber. I'm starting to believe that timber is going to be one of these speakers high points.

The treble was on the hot side early and has also calmed down to the point of getting a little polite.

I am hearing very good air and transparency. The front wall is 20 feet across and its almost 30 feet to the back of the room and as you would think these big fine looking speakers are having no problem filling the room with music.

Will post more as the hours get logged in.
How big is your room? I hope I didn't make a mistake getting the D1's over the D2's. My room is a 15x24, 9 foot ceilings, attached to a rear hallway.
Dawgcatching you are not going to have a problem with room size with D1. Thats a big room big you have i would say. What your going to like is how D1 fills that room up with your favorite music though.

A real enjoyable night of music last night playing until the early morning of a new day. And carrying on later in this am is going to be a ditto as its Sunday with the Beatles.

Have a good one
All more than 230 hrs now and D1 now has evolved into a most enjoyable sounding speaker. My Linbrook Sigs. are going and i will be keeping the D1s. Will post more on my experience with D1 and how it won over LSS.
My D1's have around 200 hours on them, and are really moving from "good" to "extremely impressive", at least in my system. These have some of the most accurate bass I have heard (it doesn't sound big, just tight, just how a double bass sounds in real life), and an impressive, deep and wide, soundstage, while being full sounding, even driven with all solid state amplification. I might get a tube amp, however. I was looking hard at a set of 802D's (not that I could have afforded them at retail, but the dealer is a friend and had a demo pair if I wanted them) but the sound I am hearing from these at least equals, if not exceeds, what I was hearing from his at his store when driven by some nice Classe gears.

They still have alot of breaking in to do, as I am hearing audible differences every 25 hours or so of break-in. So far, heads and shoulders above the LSS, and alot of other similarly-priced speakers as well (I have been shopping around for a long time) I will try and post a review when I hit 300 hours. Size-wise, my room ended up being just fine for these: the sound is tight and accurate, not boomy, and really doesn't need a huge room. 12x12x8 feet won't work though!
Dawg can't agree more on improvements after the two hundred hour mark. I'm guessing things will steadily get better through the five hundred hour area. You're assessment of bass response is right on, another thing is how these big boys disappear in the room musicly theres a huge stage in front of me that's well placed, love it. I can't stress strongly enough how important setup is. Time spent making those small moves will pay off in superior sound. Last night I listened to a few direct to disk lps and the sound was live and most enjoyable from d1. mike
Out of curiosity guys, how do these D1's compare with the LSS's in the mid/upper mid range? The same as? Different? Just curious - I always thought that was the Achilles heel of mine (in my system of course).
Hello Newbee i thought i would keep my LSS till the cows came home. Now i'm a happy D1 owner my LSS went because of D1s ability to produce music thats more life like or i should say D1 produces sounds with more truth. Across the spectrum better sound.

I plan on a review when i get 500 hrs or there abouts. If you are ever in New Orleans get in touch will give you a test drive.

I am interested in the Tyler line, have been for years. Hoping to get to hear them at RMAF this year, if Ty is there. Coming over from the UK. Any thoughts on minimum amplifier output. I use a 22watt 845 SET, which I love. I suspect they would not be enough for the D line, any thoughts. My other thought is Daedalus, which would be OK. They both look so attractive, important in keeping the wife happy.
David D1 i could not give you a experience comment on your SET question. Though Ty leans towards tubed gear for his speakers. AS for the looks my wife loves them in the very light maple we have. Will be posting new pictures of my room with D1 now in the mix. You could contact Ty for answers to your questions.
For those who are interested, I just posted a review of the D1s. I have found the D1s to be a great sounding speaker, and like Mike, my wife loves the look (my pair is in the Cherry finish).
The D3's are fantastic as well. They easily surpassed my expectations in this price range. My room is roughly 18x35x10 and these monitor's can fill this room with music. I have them paired with two JLA F113 subs and it is a great combination. I would be shocked if I saw a poor review.
i just set my D1's up, but have to make some early comments: (1) The fit and finish and cabinetry and overall aesthetics and standard of workmanship is superb (2) Dealing with Ty was a revelation: not only did the speakers arrive earlier than promised, but every communication was hassle-free, straight-forward and totally a pleasure - and I am an "old hand" at buying speakers, unfortunately - Ty is at the very top of the list in terms of friendly efficient professionalism (3) The sound right out of the box is really, really good - but more of that later, as they break in. (4) These speakers are seriously underpriced for what they deliver
Springbok your description fits the bill to a tee. When you reach the 200 hour area do your self a favor and set up your d1s using the sumiko speaker set up for a better sounding d1. To all if you have these wonderful speakers get them coupled into your room and be amazed. Enjoy mike
Springbok10, if you think they are under priced now just wait until they break in. They are "FEE NOMINAL".
I was checking Ty's ad about a D1 that was traded for a D10! Here I am waiting for my D1 to arrive and suddenly Ty is going to release a new Decade line. Have anyone heard of it. I did email Ty and Im waiting for his respond.
Rneclps i'm sure Ty will be responding to you about d10.
That 10 number may have some meaning as to what d10s make up will be. Ty ran his first lineup for a long time. And i like his new business practice. When you keep improving we all get better speakers. An i believe a great value compared to what i have heard from some of the big boys speaker lineups.

As for my D1s they could be the last speaker i will need. When you get yours and have them broke in you can draw your own conclusions. I cant find any weakness that sticks out to my ears in a large way. Just very satisfying sound top to bottom.
The D10s will have 10" woofers instead of the 7" in the D1s. Seems like it would be for large rooms (8 10" woofers -- now that will be able to move some air!).
I was checking Ty's ad about a D1 that was traded for a D10! Here I am waiting for my D1 to arrive and suddenly Ty is going to release a new Decade line. Have anyone heard of it. I did email Ty and Im waiting for his respond.
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Ty is in Florida right now and will not get back till tomorrow night. I doubt he has access to a computer?
For all that have D1 coming and now hearing about a possible D10 let me say this. For the first 150 hrs or so i was really worried about a lack of bass, so much so i was in contact with Ty about it. Then wham here it comes solid firm and true. I have a rather large room 20X30 and D1s fill it up easy. My early concern was having to much bass and have to move D1 way out into the room. Right now D1 is out from the front of the speaker 4 feet to wall. This makes for a happy wife and a better looking setup IMO. With this position i have all of the stage needed in terms of withe and depth.
I have D1 and my room have 14.5x21.5x8.

I have about 30 hrs on them. They good but I wish have more bass ...

I will continue the burn-in and see what happend and will play with them to try to place them to maximize the bass level.

They at 29 inch from the back wall and about 4-5 foots from the side wall.

I don't notice the hot treble on them right out the box.
Ladanree, I wouldn't do much critical listening until around the 200 hour mark. Don't even move them around until then.
Agree with Jp1208, have a pair of D3s and until you get more hours on them Ladamree you'll not be getting what you expected, but you will.
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I owned the D1's and they were great performers. The type of speaker that plays above its price range. They are not in the same league as my Von Schweikert vr-35's but I really enjoyed them. If your interested in more concerning the Von Schweikerts please reach out.