Universal disc player recommendation

Hi I have cabin fever and am considering trying to get a better universal player. I use the Denon 2910 now. It has been great, built like a tank and reliable and pretty good sound in general but especially with the 100 or so SACDs and DVD-Audio discs. Also have a couple of thousand regular CDs. Using Mc MA5200 and various speakers in rotation, including Sonus Fabre Auditir Ms, B&W CDM7SEs, paradigm studio 40s and various vintage. So any recommendations for used universal players that would provide a significant upgrade? Prepared to spend up to 2-3 k. Thanks in advance for your feedback. 
Oppo 105D, used around $1K. If you really want to use your entire budget, try the Oppo 205 that sold originally sold for $1500 (now around $3K). Obviously, at $2-3K, you have lots of choices. In any case, the Oppo would be a significant step up from your Denon 2910.
Thanks, oppo seems the way to go. Thanks for the model recommendation. Will try to find one and try it out. 
My Esoteric DV 60 went TU. I found a nice Arcam DV 139 that is outperforming the DV 60 in every way. Cost me about $750.

I was able to find an Oppo 203 used recently for 1200.00 which seemed to be a great deal as far as the current market goes. I was disappointed though as I had thought the Oppo units had apps for tidal, etc built in, which is a big reason why I wanted one, a do it all that also played my sacd and dvd a. Turns out it does not, and I guess only works with a server or maybe Roon, not sure and I couldn’t seem to make Roon work, and certainly not going to the complexity of a server. Just wanted to stream tidal. Seems many streamers do not have stand alone apps for that purpose, so I’ll have to ask more questions in the future to find a worthwhile streamer. Would like one that also has a very good dac, or a dac that has the ability to stream. 
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i just spoke with Oppo this morning, i suggested that they produce a new streamer/dac.  their not interested.  it would be a killer.  sad. i currently have a 103 and use an external DAC.  would like to find a external DAC that would bring it up to the level of the 205. for under a grand in 2020 their must be something to beat a 205?
I own 2 Oppos (105 and 203) but six months ago replaced an old Pioneer Elite Universal Player (pre Blu Ray era) with the latest Pioneer Elite Universal Player in my third system and am very happy.
Given the demise of Oppo and the inflated prices their used players are commanding I would at least look at Pioneer.  One advantage Oppo has over Pioneer is that they can be used as streamers; in one system I have a Bluesound Node2 that has crapped out so I use the Oppo to play files and an Apple TV for the Internet Radio