Update my Tonearm

Every time I use my turntable I have to keep touching until the hum goes away. It’s a Music Hall mmf5.3. I have replaced the cartridge, belt, weight, and added a new a new platter mat. It is grounded to the AV Marantz 70s receiver. Should I replace the tone arm or just buy a new turntable? 


I would solve it. to get some value to be able to sell it.

but I would not buy a new tonearm. they are still in business and selling that model, have you asked for advice from MH? 

what I would look for:

1st, disconnect all other connectors to the receiver, move the interconnectors away: to prove the hum is coming from the TT itself, not adjacencies to other cables.

hum started when cartridge replaced?

2. inspect tonearm wires/connectors: any part of wire without insulation? if so, a drop of liquid rubber might solve it.


3. remove 4 connectors from cartridge pins/tighten (squeeze together gently with small pliers) the 4 connectors on the tonearm wires so they are very snug when pushed onto the cartridge’s 4 pins.


4. if not, more than likely there is a problem with the tonearm wires somewhere else: 4 signal wires: perhaps some insulation got worn off by the repeated movement of the tonearm when playing/lifting up/.... rewiring the tonearm would solve that.

5. there is a 5th wire grounding the tonearm itself. if din connector, that’s the 5th pin. if not din, it’s usually a separate wire from tonearm base to ....., then on to the turntable’s ground wire to your preamp or amp’s ground connection. if possible, check it’s condition/connections.

6. oh yeah, have you verified the phono cable itself?

one way is to make a separate ground wire out of any small gauge wire, and use a simple pair of interconnects, problem gone?


Can you tell if the hum is electrical or physical (vibration)? What exactly Are you touching on the turntable to make the hum go away?

elliottbnewcombjr: #3 worked!!!! Thanks soooo much. The white and green connections were loose and slipped off when I unmounted the stylus. 

Glad it is solved.

btw: messing with cartridge pins/wires: another reason to love removable headshells.