Upgrade DAC from AMR DP777SE

I have been using an AMR DP-777SE DAC which is now having intermittent reliability issues. I'm considering replacing/upgrading to either a
1) Chord Dave
2) PS Audio Direct Stream or
3) APL DSD ($$)

I need to buy used, and I'm comfortable with that. My hopes are for reliability, deeper soundstaging, timbre distinctions (ie violin & viola) and, most importantly, emotional engagement. I'm now 70, so my hearing ain't what it used to be.

I realize that responders are expressing their opinions, and my system synergy & sound room acoustics impact everything. I'm only looking for a DAC. I do hope to hear from you. Thanks from Olympia, WA USA

Current second system: flac & hi rez files→ APL DP-777SE→ Pass Labs XP20→ Pass Labs XA100.5's→ Ridge Street Audio Design Sason speakers. Cabling is all Jena Labs.
That's a really nice dac rubinken sorry it's giving you trouble no chance AMR can fix it for you so it works? Or are you just sick of the AMR experience at this point?

In terms of a new dac I can't comment on any of your choices but if you're looking for "emotional engagement" try to give a listen to an Audio Note dac if you can. I own an older model and it's about music and not technology. As always YMMV.
Emotional engagement is certainly the #1 experience I'm looking for.  Whe I purchased my AMR DP-777SE, I compared it at length with the Luxman DA-06. They were both fine, but I clearly preferred the AMR.

 I seem to be going through a series of odd problems, which I prefer not to deal with. Audio Note DAC's were not on my short list.  I'll look into them. Buying used adds a complication where a/b listening is not available to me.
It is very hard to find a DAC as smooth, engaging, and analog sounding like AMR, with the AMR you don't feel the need to invest in analog gear at all.
I owned the DP777, and still miss it.
Like yourself I moved on to Bricasti, it's a lot more neutral but has sound characteristics of an high-end analog system.

If you loved your AMR, don't bother with PS Audio or Chord and the likes. Look at Wavelength, Luxman etc.
You might also consider some of the better R2R NOS DACs like the Sonnet Morpheus, etc. as they tend to have a smoother or more analog sound that may be reminiscent of your AMR.  Best of luck. 
Thanks soix, I have never listened to or compared r2r DAC's. With this friggin'plague, it's not as easy as it used to be. Thanks 
I own the standard version of the DP777. Unlike you I have had no reliability issues but my two analogue rigs (see my profile) blow away the SQ I am getting with an Aurender N100H via WW Starlight Platinum 7 to the DAC. I ordered an SW1X DAC 2 Special with USB a month ago. When it arrives and I have had a chance to burn it in and listen, I will report back. 
Thanks fsonicsmith,
I'll be curious to hear back from you. Have you had a chance to compare your 777 to
1) Chord Dave or
2) PS Audio Direct Stream or
3) APL DSD ($$) ?
I certainly enjoy the sound of the 777SE, but intermittent problems are making me a tad crazy.
I also have the same with no issues.  I'm simply following as I'd like to upgrade as well.

i second soix's recommendation on r2r dacs - there are many very good ones out there for a fraction of the cost of a used chord dave

I have been using an AMR DP-777SE DAC which is now having intermittent reliability issues. I’m considering replacing/upgrading to either a
It used an R2R Multibit dac UDA1305AT (said to be the son of the famous TDA1541), which your now used to R2R sound, anything else "could" disappoint.
I think you should stick to R2R and just get a better one.
Like the Denafrips, Mojo or Holo or even MSB if you can afford them.





Cheers George
We weere an amr dealer closest dac aqua hifi.lascala r2r tube based modular and upgradeable also decodes everything

Richard midrange huge soundstage

Totally engaging

Dave and troy
Audio intellect Nj
Aqua hifi dealers