Upgrade Druid IV to new Superfly 1.B driver?

Hello all:

I am interested in making sweet spot of my druid IV larger.

Is it possible to swap out driver for new Superflu 1.B driver?

Is this a good idea? Has anyone done it? What are downsides?

Thank you
I made similar queries about earlier drivers. Sean Casey has so far discouraged updating Druid 4-08 with any of the newer Zu FRDs, beginning with the 2010 HO driver. One problem is that Druid to-date did not have a full Griewe implementation. The Griewe scheme does affect the FRD's performance well into the midrange. He has also said in the past that the Druid super tweeter won't mate well with the newer FRDs. Superfly does have a full Griewe implementation, and its super tweeter has enough output to sound in balance with the "hotter" FRDs that have emerged in the line since the 2010 HO.

I wanted to update my Druids to the HO or nano FRD while waiting for Druid V, so pressed Sean In 2010, 2011 and again early this year. He at the time said he viewed Druid 4-08 as a finished design that took the circa 2000 Druid design as far as it could go without starting over. Essence, Superfly and even in some respects Omen, were ventures beyond original Druid and now, what was learned there plus trickle-down from Dominance and Def4 will inform the next Druid, completely remade.

You might accomplish some of this by adopting some changes I made to my Druids. First off, forget about using any silver cabling with the Druids. It puzzles me why everyone including Zu recommends silver and silver-based hybrids. Maybe because Druids tend to be a bit dark sounding and they figure silver would be a better match. Therefore, it's a counter intuitive move to go all copper. Until you use a high quality pcocc stranded copper speaker cable you simply wont hear anywhere near the potential of these drivers. These cables does take a long time to break in though.

Second, do the Mundorf silver oil cap mod. You can do the Dueland resistor mod as well, though I don't believe this is entirely necessary.

Third, change the wire harness to the same wire as the one used for the speaker cable. You will want to solder the wire directly to the drivers. Forget about the surprisingly crappy connectors Zu used. This is a tricky mod to accomplish especially if you are not particularly handy. But it is well worth the effort.

The entire upgrade including speaker cables cost a little over $600, about the cost of the new drivers. However, I don't think changing to the new drivers will bring you anywhere near the improvements gained here. These speakers are now so neutral from top to bottom, yet at the same time refined and smooth, that its just simply unbelievable. Soundstage now extends way beyond the speaker boundaries in such a way that my listening room simply disappears. I can now stand beside one speaker and the soundstage does not simply collapse to that side as it did before. Listeners to the sides of the sweet spot now have a much more inclusive experience. There are other benefits as well including a more extended bass with greater dynamics and definition across the board. Tonality is more true to life. Imaging is more precise with better separation and great layering.

The changes are so dramatic that I'd now willingly put this speaker up against a Superfly and and wouldn't be too surprised to come out ahead. Superfly owners should at least consider trying a pcocc based speaker cable. As with all things audio, the usual disclaimers will apply, ymmv, imo, etc, etc...
Sean suggested the new drivers to me. I have the nanos on order...... However my Druids are internally modified with a griewe wedge, extra bracing plus soundcoat and Mundorf/Duelund hipass........ All suggested by Sean.

I have Libtec cables and internal harness.

The HO drivers are more dynamic than the Mk4/08 at the expense of a little mid range warmth. The resistor value changes from 12ohm in the Mk4 to 10ohm for the HO. The tweeter is definitely a little hotter because of this. The extra cabinet damping and griewe loading have cleaned up the sound............. More transparent ......... But at the expense of Mk4 darkness

The nanos will run 12ohm resistors.

I agree with Phil, the Mk4/08 are wonderful as they are. The newer Superfly is a departure, more transparent and better bass, I believe to appeal to more people......... The Druids were a little polarising but excell in "guts" in the live music way...... If that makes sense?

Seans working on a Radian tweeter upgrade for Mk4 😃
Hi Hew,
I have done the Mundorf & Duelund upgrade, as well as the new drivers. I am curious as to the wire you used internally. Was it Neotech?

So, I will not try to make upgrade then.

hew -- my problem with druid have nothing to do with balance or transparency but with size of listening area, which I put down to dispersion pattern -- particular cone in woofer. i do not see how wiring will impact this, but am glad you found upgrade worthwhile.

(personal i have never liked silver wire)
Because of the pending Druid V, you're likely to get an upgrade option for existing Druids more comprehensive than just replacing the FRD with HO or nano. Other than the extensive hacks (that's not a perjorative term) undertaken by Hew and Naggots, this will be the right way to step up Druid 4, though hacks will continue to be a mid-cost option for DIYers.